1. RGB says

    I was wondering why there were actual Asian models at an Abercrombie and Fitch, then I read that it was in Singapore and it all made sense!

  2. ryan says

    wow they managed to get 5 whole asians in an asian country, that’s a record. and a black guy to boot.

    abercrombie really is branching out.

  3. uffda says

    The best looking people in the world are northern Europeans and extracts thereof. Get used to it. The rest is either sympathetic or patronizing tokenism. Too bad, but better than nothing.

  4. Andrew says

    First of all UFFDA, you shouldn’t flaunt any views that have to do with ‘aryan supremacy’. Second of all, Abercrombie sucks. Unless your a mall tween, that is.

  5. Jerry says

    Hot boys are hot. Period. If you find them boring then chances are you are not their demographic. I just turned 40, so no more Abercrombie for me, but I can still appreciate the boys…I might even see if I can adopt one, because I am definitely not bored.

  6. new-new says

    Oh, and people need to realize that what is considered “hot” is a social construction. There’s nothing inherently more attractive about white people. Society constructs beauty standards in the image of whiteness.

  7. says

    Society doesn’t construct attractiveness in a vacuum (except if you’re in an ivory tower, I suppose), but what we find attractive is also affected by our individual experiences. For example, someone might find someone of a different race/ethnicity more attractive if they were unhappy with their family of origin.

  8. Caliban says

    With all of them lined up and dressed the same, it looks like Triumph Of The Will as directed by Bruce Weber.

  9. says

    World doesn’t create appeal in a clean (except if you’re in an cream color structure, I suppose), but what we find eye-catching is also suffering from our individual encounters.