1. James UK says

    I saw this elsewhere yesterday.

    It’s not gay. It’s not erotic, homo or otherwise.

    It’s tragic.

  2. SeanR says

    I live in Ireland, and it is a gigantic piss-take on American “reality” tv, and the commentary is worthy of Beavis & Butthead!

    Two points of info about local slang:
    (1) a “ride” is having sex with someone or saying someone is worthy of having sex, ie. he’s a ride…

    (2) the reference to “Tayto” might be obscure. Tayto is a brand of crisps (US = chips) but in the days before contraception was legal here, it was “rumoured” that men would use empty tayto bags in lieu of condoms when they managed to “shift” someone and ended up “getting a ride”.

    And now the Irish seem like narcissistic sex addicts who’ll ride anyone willing to sit on a peen wearing a used chip bag….

  3. coolbear says

    Hilaaaarious. I don’t know who the commentators are, but I totally want to hang out with them. And watch gay porn. Of course.

  4. Wolfgang says

    @Sean: There is no piss-take. TV3 is dead serious about this :-).

    @Everyone: The voice-over are two guys having fun with it- the show’s on-air voiceover was decidedly less funny.

    What will make this show a cult-hit when it officially starts here in January is the tragedy of the production values- the cast has to live in the SHITTIEST imaginable house, the ‘score room’ (smush room to US audiences) is designated as such by a MS Word print-out and the opening credits look like European cable soft-porn ca 1986.
    What is really a shame is that – and I’ve lived in Ireland for almost 3 years thanks to DOMA, but that is another story – is that this country is full of ridiculously attractive guys and girls, however the casting director wasn’t able to convince any of them to star in this show. :)

  5. Esurb says

    These guys sound a lot like the two just-off-stage commentators on that English talent show that discovered Susan Boyle. Wonder if they are the same charmers. Their description of the nauseating “Valley-boy” inflection as phrasing everything as a question is very accurate.