1. says

    Edina’s mother looks great and stylish and is as funny as ever with perfect timing, like when she says she thought Edina’s jeans had burst. And Bubble is hilarious talking to Edina through a megaphone and trying to stop the champagne from overflowing onto Edina’s surfaces. The whole episode was as clever, outrageous and funny as ever!

  2. Gregoire says

    I give it 4 out of 5 stars, perhaps not the freshest, but I love that they scaled it down to the elements we love the best about the show. Jennifer Saunders is simply a genius.

  3. says

    What the hell was that? Patsy Stone, the headbutting, death threatening, ultra cool blonde is afraid of some dealer? I mean, Patsy killed her own sister with a heroin injection for goodness sake, but she’s afraid of a freakin’ dealer? Saffy, who physically threw out Patsy, who turned in her own friend for stalking Emma Bunton, who has stood up to Edina & Patsy time and again is suddenly helpless? Edina, who punched the older married man who hit on her daughter and exists in a cutthroat business world is going to pieces because some drug dealing wench won’t leave her house? What has happened to my raucous, wise cracking super bitches? How could Jennifer Saunders suddenly turn them all into helpless little flowers? I am not happy Jennifer, not happy at all!

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