Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1025

AFA's BRYAN FISCHER: Christopher Hitchens is in Hell because God loves him.

PAT ROBERTSON: Tim Tebow can restore America's "moral compass".

BUTTER CRISIS: A Norwegian is pissed at America.

PUPPIES VS PRESENTS: Christmas cuteness overload.

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  1. AnotherMike says

    You can have my butter when you pry it from my dead fat ass.

    …same goes for the Dorito’s, ice cream, French fries, popcorn, Cola, and that other stuff I eat mindlessly when there’s nothing good left in the cabinets.

    Don’t sweat us because we have butter!

  2. pParkerT says

    Dude, Tommy, you should have been at my house last weekend; the boyfriend and I baked a boatload of Christmas cookies and we had, like, five pounds of unsalted butter. I would have loved to have seen you eat 5 lbs of butter.

    Anyway, we don’t have your butter. We have literally tons of butter in our overweight country, but we can’t sell it to you because of your protectionist gov’t policies.

    So, enjoy your butterless pussycats this Christmas. We’ll be thinking of you!

  3. Jesus sidelines Tebow says

    After the game with the Patriots it’s obvious Jesus has a new friend and his name is Brady. Tough titty Tebow.

    (Good forecast SNL)