1. Alan says

    LOL at the cat video. My cats would do the same thing to each other. I’ve got 3 of them and I love them more than anything. Cats are freaking predators. They attack my feet in the bed at night and to top it all off, one of them just took a sh!t under my Christmas tree.

  2. says

    The reporter from CNN, GLORIA BORGER is married to a LANCE MORGAN the chief communications and crisis strategist for POWELL TATE. Powell Tate is a Washington D.C. firm that represents and lobbies for the very same MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX flexing it’s political influence in our foreign policy that Dr. Ron Paul wants to stop! Her husband’s firm includes overseeing a coalition to support congressional funds to U.S. Military contractors! She’s profiting from the wars that Dr. Paul wants to end!

    Shouldn’t we check biases of the reporters?

  3. Ru Paul says

    Watch the dried-up little candidate dry up and blow away in a great big poofy pout. Paul does not like it when hard-hitting journalists like Bruno and Gloria Borger call shenanigans on his shenanigans. Borger should’ve hit him a lot harder on this issue.

    The question has not been answered: Why did Paul allow this material to be published with his signature on it? His weak denial is not a disavowal, and it doesn’t ring true.

    @Matt: That herring is redder than your bunghole!

  4. NY2.0 says

    Poor Ron Paul, can’t handle the tough questions yet he wants to be president.

    How are the gay libertarians (Republicans) going to spin this one? It’s similar to Bachmann signing the racist pledge in Iowa but claiming to have not read the entire thing.

  5. Jack says

    I am no Ron Paul fan but I must say that after viewing that video I know where he’s coming from. She got her answer from him but kept questioning him as if some new more satisfying answer would be coming. I ended up sympathizing with him, not applauding her. Not exactly the video we should be endorsing. It backfires.

  6. Toferdavid says

    I am not a Paul supporter, but the CNN interview was a hack job and Paul does not actually walk out of the interview. If you watch the actual full footage you see that the interview was at a natural conclusion. What CNN released was edited such that it seems he walked off…cable news is all bunk…CNN fox msnbc all the rest…