UK Photographer Receives £4,000 from Police Over Bizarre ‘Gay’ Arrest

UK photographer Jules Mattsson has been awarded  £4,000 in compensation from the Metropolitan Police and an apology for being arrested and made the target of homophobic language for trying to take pictures during an Armed Forces Day parade in London in June 2010, the Telegraph reports:

MattssonThe incident happened when Mr Mattson, now a professional photographer, attended a military parade in Romford, east London, in June 2010.

The police tried to stop him taking photographs saying that he was breaching the privacy of the soldiers.

When he complained that this was not the case, they then said it was "anti-social behaviour" and could constitute a terrorist threat.

Finally when he continued to take photographs, an inspector justified their actions by saying: "You were being silly, you were running around being stupid and gay".

He was arrested for breaching the peace and detained for 15 minutes.

Mattsson called it "a bizarre and ridiculous situation".