1. johnny says

    Wow, someone REALLY doesn’t like Margaret Thatcher.

    I think the point here is: Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. And we gay guys are about the best group at doing that. Yes, she did some terrible things but I think Meryl is saying that EVERYONE has a back story that is rich and diverse. Don’t discount anyone based on their outward appearance.

  2. HoHo says

    “Don’t discount anyone based on their outward appearance.”

    So Thatcher’s overall conservatism, her contempt towards labor, her quiet alliance with financial, unproductive capital – are all appearences? Interesting. We should perhaps ask ourselves whether our Santorum- or Perry-bashing aren’t based on appearances. After all everyone has a back story, hm?

  3. PaulR says

    Wow, someone REALLY doesn’t know jack about the UK.

    You would rather have had the unelected thugs of the labour movement, i.e. Arthur “President for Life” Scargill of the National Union of Mineworkers, use illegal strikes to run the country into the ground? Let me guess, you saw Billy Eliot and now you’re an expert on recent British economic history. It’s naive in the extreme to believe that the heavily-Catholic labour movement of 1970’s Britain would have been any more pro-gay than the Conservatives (the leader of which before Thatcher was widely assumed to be gay).

  4. Henry Holland says

    Some of my favorite anti-Thatcher songs:

    The Jam: Town Called Malice
    Morrissey: Margaret On The Guillotine
    The Specials: Ghost Town
    Elvis Costello: Tramp The Dirt Down
    The (English) Beat: Stand Down Margaret

  5. Robert says

    I despised Margaret Thatcher’s policies. However I have seen The Iron Lady and it is not really about politics or Thatcherism. In addition to it being Meryl’s best work in years and years, it’s a wonderful film. Beautifully made. Margaret Thatcher has had a fascinating life, and although I think she had a very negative impact it still was a significant impact, and her story is certainly worthy of capturing in this wonderful film.

  6. Chris AE says

    We shouldn’t forget Thatcher was also a homophobe and it took more than one decade to undo the damage.

    The Labour Party also identical with the unions, even in 1979. Who knows if Thatcher had won, had Labour given in and avoided the public-sector strikes prior to her election.

    The claim about the labour movement being Catholic is also unimportant. Look at France, Ireland and Spain. Heavily Catholic countries and movements have regularly rejected church doctrine regarding LGBT people.

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