1. cw says

    Olympic Game Farm is the saddest place on earth. I went in ONCE about 7 years ago not understanding what I was getting into, and have felt guilty since. As you drive (DRIVE?!) through the game farm, you are encouraged to feed the animals slices of wonder bread that you buy bags of for a couple bucks at the entrance. Sad sad sad.

  2. uffda says

    That’s hilarious, just the kind original remark that makes this wesite so much fun. But this bear is way cute, clearly imitating the waving technique he’s learned from passersby.

  3. jtpdx says

    I actually grew up in that area…Port Angeles. And I do agree with CW it is sad. But it could be worse, because unfortunately animals are often forgotten about.
    I’m not sure if this is the bear, but I believe one of the bears is/was a retired Disney actor.

  4. Jeffrey in St. Louis says

    For decades, I’ve wondered if a memory I have from a visit to the National Zoo in DC where a bear waved [back] to me was real or if I’d imagined it.

    Thanks for this, Andy. I’ma gon’ call it real now. 😀

  5. says

    This bear is precious. I just hope that the posts I’m reading about how the animals at this particular place are treated are somehow inaccurate. It is obvious that this bear is a loving creature. I hate to anthropomorphize here; but you can see in his eyes and actions that he craves human interaction. God bless all animals on our planet. They are wonderful necessities on our planet.

  6. yogi says

    I drive by this place a lot and understand the bears get a fair amount of film work (The film “Grizzly” got its star from here). I’ll be sure to bring highfalutin loaf of bread next time I see him.

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