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School Finds Itself Between Bullies and Parents After Gay Student Outs Himself: VIDEO

So what happens when a middle school student decides to "out" himself to classmates, and the school hears and sees negative comments which could expose the student to bullying, and the gay student isn't out to his parents?

WillowCreekJHSThat's the situation Willowcreek Middle School in Lehi, Utah found itself in, the Daily Herald reports:

District officials have done interviews with media across the country questioning whether the assistant principal overstepped her bounds.

The controversy began with a series of incidents on Dec. 5 and 6, according to district spokeswoman Rhonda Bromley. A 14-year-old boy at Willowcreek Middle School in Lehi was showing affection with another male student during school. The boy also attended a class where each student was assigned to create an advertisement about him or herself. The ad he created was about his homosexual orientation. All the ads were being hung on the classroom wall, and the teacher asked the boy if he wanted his to be hung with the rest. The boy said yes. When a student "gave a negative response" in the hallway about the boy's sexual orientation, an adult aide alerted school administrators about potential bullying, Bromley said.

Because of that concern about bullying, on Dec. 7 the assistant principal called the student into her office. The boy told her that his parents did not know about his sexual orientation. The administrator felt the parents needed to be aware of the potential bullying and safety concerns, and called the parents into her office. At the student's request, the boy was not present when his parents were told about what had happened at school.

Now, a Facebook page (if someone can find it please post a link to it in the comments) has been created accusing the school of homophobic discrimination and suspending the student for being gay.

Say Bromley: "That is not true. His parents choose to keep him at home."

Watch a report on the controversy from Utah's KSL, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. Nicholas, HE CAME OUT TO AN ENTIRE CLASSROOM! I can guarantee you that an hour later the whole school knew.

    Unless his parents are hermits without friends or a telephone it was only a matter of days until it got back to them anyway. The school was in a really tough place here and they made the decision not to wait for the grapevine to fill this boy's parents in on what was happening and do it themselves.

    Given that this was in Utah and the kid's name is apparently "Hyrum," I'm guessing they're Mormon. I really hope that "keeping him home" isn't a punishment or a prelude to some sort of religious intervention. It could mean something that this boy came out in an extremely public manner at school but didn't talk to his parents.

    Posted by: Caliban | Dec 14, 2011 8:11:56 PM

  2. And what exactly are the parents supposed to do with this knowledge that will reduce bullying? Is Mom going to walk him to school? Dad going to stand menacingly outside the fence during lunch-time?

    The school outing this student is identical to GOProud's recent outing. The school should have talked to the negative comments student. Had an anti-bullying talk the same day to his class. Should have monitored the situation. The school has put this student's life and livelihood at risk, unnecessarily.

    Posted by: Hue-Man | Dec 15, 2011 12:14:35 AM

  3. I attend this school...and I know that the assistant principal(the one who talked to the boys parents) is not liked by a lot of the students...and it makes me sad because she took a lot of crap for what she did. I believe she did the right thing. If another one of the administrators had done this it would not have been as big of a deal. But the boys friends made a big deal of it by making a facebook page and starting rumors that were not true! I completely agree with what the administrators here at willow that what they did was justified, and i dont have anything against gay students. if being gay makes the boy happy, then so be it. Besides they were just trying to make sure he wasnt hurt...Willowcreek is not a bad school..and i feel like this kind of publicity is making it seem like it is..its really not i love coming here, we have Great teachers and i have a lot of good friends(:

    Posted by: Bre997 | Dec 19, 2011 2:21:24 AM

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