1. David in NYC says

    The best part is when he says he’s not “freaky” because he’s a WASP.

    Which is funny cause everyone knows WASPs are usually the freakiest dudes on the scene…

  2. TJ says


    But seriously. Everything I have ever heard or seen tells me that the only thing he hasn’t done is the requisite People magazine cover. Give it a rest already. He’s arguably done more for gay rights awareness than any other news personality.

  3. Jack says

    Anderson Cooper is not in a closet…he is not pretending to be straight…he doesn’t pose romantically w/women and lives openly among his friends & family…he is not pathetic because he chooses not to speak publicly about his sex life…I don’t discuss my sex life with my colleagues and don’t ask them if they are gay (although I am currently trying to figure out if the new hot guy is possible) The point is that sexual orientation shouldn’t be a big deal so why make it one (unless you think you have a chance)

  4. says

    Oh my god, enough with this “Anderson Cooper is a closet case” crap! If you google “Anderson Cooper boyfriend” it becomes very clear very quickly who’s in his bed.

  5. hugo says

    it never ceases to amaze me what counts as ‘entertainment’ these days on TV. Yo, Cohen: time’s up!

  6. says

    I like Andy Cohen, the Real Housewives, and Anderson on Watch What Happens Live when he’s half relaxed. Not above cultural low-brow.I don’t think Anderson is closeted in his personal life, and news anchors don’t always share their personal lives for obvious reasons, but on shows like this, where everyone’s personal life is on display, the dancing around the elephant in the room always seems bizarre. He comes across as an imitation of himself, or like a guarded politician. Not significant, really, but if Anderson is going to enter Bravo territory, he might be happier letting his inner gay boy out. Being publicly gay doesn’t give away your private life, it simply reveals a core part of your being.