1. Jack M says

    This does not make sense. Why would Anonymous turn their sights on Facebook? It seems like an illogical target, so I would agree with those who say it’s not Anonymous sending the message.

  2. rovex says

    Facebook is a disgusting corporate entity that sells information, takes your personal data and treats its ‘customers’ with contempt yet people just lap it up. Its NOT on your side. I wanted no part of it when it started and want no part of it now. I gave my reasons at the time and as proved right.

  3. A_gay_guy says

    Anon also said yesterday that those reports were false because they rely so heavily on social networking to get support for their cause. I am going to go ahead and believe them not to be searching for FB attack.

  4. jim says

    Wish somebody would take down Facebook–if only for a day, just to see the dazed look on peoples’ faces when they realize that they can alert the world to their current status!