Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1043

BRAILLE BURGERS: The Wimpy hamburger chain's small but touching gesture for the blind.

DIGITAL RUG: A rug that changes pattern when you walk on it.

JEDWARD: The former X-Factor contestants celebrated getting 500,000 followers by creating a 'Sexy and I Know It' video.

THE HUNGER GAMES: A low budget parody of the trailer.

NOTE TO READERS: We're trying something a bit different in these posts, incorporating the featured videos into a single embedded player. To play the videos, hit the box navigation at the bottom of the main window.

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  1. Ryan says

    I don’t think the new format is going to work for those of us on iPhones. It only shows me the first video, and when I click play it says “private.” There is no box to select the other videos.

  2. says

    On the computer the new video format is EXCELLENT! Doesn’t work on my iPad or iPhone tho… (get it there and you’ve got a winner!)

    And the Pro Bowler has taken his video private. Perhaps if you’ve seen it you can describe or quote what he says?

  3. V-8 says

    one thing I find annoying on this site (and I love this site) is that ALL links in the compilation section are loaded onto the same page/tab/window…. I wish that the links would go to another window, so that we did not have to back-button the entire time..

    this is specially annoying when using a (free) slow wifi connection, such as the one I am using while traveling… and a quick code fixing… (target blank)

  4. Pete says

    On my iPad, using Safari, I just saw the first one about braille burgers.. If it did work though, and all I wanted to view was the last video, I’d have to sit through all until the one I wanted to view came in.

    I’d go back to separate files.

  5. endo says

    Really, Jedward? A song that repeats the phrase “I work out” probably isn’t the best choice for two children who’ve never seen the inside of a gym. I’ve seen twigs that are bigger than their arms.

  6. Cal says

    If the change is something you have to do, I can live with it. If you are taking feedback, I liked it a lot better the old way. If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

  7. mike/ says

    worked okay for me, but i would rather see the options at the bottom before i watch the first one; often i don’t want to watch them all because i’m not interested in some or have already seen them.

    the Braille hamburger was cool, but couldn’t they burn themselves?

  8. Randy says

    The new format is rather unintuitive, but it works (on a PC with Firefox). You first have to discover that the nondescript rectangular icon is the navigation tool for selecting videos.

    I hope it’s a technical improvement for some reason or a benefit to users on certain platforms.

  9. ESA says

    Had no problem at all using Chrome browser on Windows platform laptop. You can pop up the window and see the playlist of videos and choose whichever you’d like instead of having to watch them all, OR start at the first and they will play forward through to the end of the list. iPhone still iSucks for playing video that isn’t quicktime code enabled or sent to youtube app. Not their best move.

  10. thitherflit says

    Oh– and if I want to send a friend to see one of these clips, I’m supposed to make *him* wade through everything too? It’s not going to happen.

  11. Charlie says

    I would say about the new format: FAIL

    I am not sure how this was supposed to work, since the video froze as I tapped through the first one. (which I didn’t have much interest in seeing. I don’t think I have ever seen a posting where I wanted to see all four of the videos.

    And for those who want to see a larger video – just hit the YouTube in the bottom of the window. It stops the video where it is playing and opens a larger screen on the YouTube site. And it contiues playing from the same spot.

  12. Oprah says

    Hating the new format. Doesn’t work n iPad — one more reason my visits to this site have become less frequent. The main reasone being the same issue listed above: “one thing I find annoying on this site (and I love this site) is that ALL links in the compilation section are loaded onto the same page/tab/window…. I wish that the links would go to another window, so that we did not have to back-button all the time”

  13. Sly says

    I agree with the comments above — this new format doesn’t work. I want to choose what I watch, not wade thru stuff I don’t car about. And I can’t share a favorite without dealing with all the rest of this. All our tastes aren’t the same, why should we have to see ALL the videos you like?

  14. Book 7 says

    Not a fan of the new format. Actually, more important to me is to see the description of the content of all four videos on the email page so I know whether to click the link at all. Thanks.

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