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TN Senator Stacey Campfield Reportedly Thrown Out of Restaurant Over His Anti-Gay Remarks: VIDEO


Knoxville, Tennessee restaurant Bistro at the Bijou is receiving boatloads of support on Facebook after reports began surfacing that it refused service to state Senator Stacey Campfield out and asked him to leave.

Campfield is also getting blowback from local news outlets in Tennessee over his remarks. Watch him defend them in a WBIR interview, AFTER THE JUMP...

CampfieldCampfield, who has been in the news again recently because he's still trying to push his heinous homophobic "don't say gay" bill in Tennessee, gave an interview last week to Michelangelo Signorile in which he asserted that bullying of gay kids "is a lark", compared homosexuality to sex with animals, asserted that homosexuality is "glorified" in the media, and that it's "virtually impossible" for heterosexuals to contract AIDS.

Some of the responses on Facebook to the alleged restaurant incident:

Brooke Scurlock
From Nashville- thank you for your stand against bigotry and discrimination! Will be sure to eat at your place when in Knoxville and spread the word to friends and family! Thank you!

Jeff Doughty
Just heard a rumor that yall asked th village idiot to leave!! If its true, THANK YOU!!

Kelly Schaal
If you did indeed kick Mr. Campfield out of your establishment...I applaud you!! That clown is an embarrassment to our state and an embarrassment to the residents that actually aren't small minded bigots, living in a 1950's mentality. I cannot wait for this joke of a "representative" to be replaced. He has done absolutely NOTHING for the people of Tennessee. These old school bigots will soon become the minority. I guess those of you that actually agree with his politics, should enjoy it while it lasts! He WILL be replaced very soon. I've always enjoyed The Bistro and now I'll enjoy it even more.

I haven't been able to find a full, proper account of what went down at the Bistro, and Facebook responders are also asking for one, so, hopefully we'll hear something official soon.

UPDATE - from Buzzfeed:

An unfazed Campfield told BuzzFeed in a brief telephone interview that "I went in there and the lady started calling me names and wouldn't serve me." The hostess told him he was a homophobe and that he hates homosexuals, he said.

Campfield said that on the contrary, he has no problem with gays. "In my business I do rental properties and I've rented to homosexuals, mixed-race couples, black couples," he said. "And about every single group you can think of has been in my office."

There's also a petition online to fire Campfield and a Facebook page to recall him.

Watch Campfield's interview with WBIR defending his anti-gay remarks, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. How great is it that the restaurant's address is on Gay Street?

    That little detail elevates this story from merely amusing to deliciously ironic. "Author of "Don't Say Gay" Bill Refused Service On Gay Street"

    Posted by: Caliban | Jan 30, 2012 12:05:29 PM

  2. Campfield said that on the contrary, he has no problem with gays (CASH).

    He'll take our money then spit in our eye laughing all the way to the bank. Hypocrisy at its finest.

    Posted by: Pointed | Jan 30, 2012 4:02:50 PM

  3. I am a resident of Knoxville and The Bistro at Bijou Theatre has always been one of my favorite restaurants. I commend her as a fellow business owner for not only supporting the LGBT community but standing up for what she believes in!!! Kudos to you Martha!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by: Michael | Jan 30, 2012 6:15:50 PM

  4. Lol, he isn't including the full information. What he is doing is twisting CDC data to support his anti-gay bigotry. When you need to tell half-truths, your side obviously has already lost in a matter of time. The fact of the matter is, the vast majority of AIDS over 70% is among African heterosexuals, and AIDS started within the heterosexual community.

    Posted by: shadow_man | Jan 31, 2012 4:53:00 AM

  5. Again, always from the South, and my home state! Not that living in Georgia is anymore progressive, but at least we have Atlanta.

    Posted by: RB | Jan 31, 2012 10:06:28 AM

  6. LOL. "I'm not a gay AIDS authority."

    Posted by: Sam Armstrong | Jan 31, 2012 11:45:18 AM

  7. @Jack

    If a member of the KKK walked in, you could refuse them service. Because hate speech is not protected speech.
    Anti-gay organizations have officially been classified as hate groups.
    Hate groups, and hate speech, are NOT protected by the law.
    Also, I'm sure you meant no harm, but DO NOT COMPARE gay people to anti-gay bigots.
    Anymore than you would compare Martin Luther King Jr. to the grand wizard of the KKK.

    Posted by: Samuel Adams | Jan 31, 2012 2:07:48 PM

  8. He is patently ignorant. And.. the book, "And The Band Played On" does not say that Patient Zero became infected through sex with a monkey. Both the interviewee and the interviewer should read the book.

    Posted by: thedavidvbf | Feb 1, 2012 1:12:24 PM

  9. What in the H is it that everyone thinks they have to glorify gay people????? I know I will definitely not be eating at that restaurant. Hey how about glorifying some heterosexuals?
    U must think your really hip to be like the crowd... which is really brainless.

    Posted by: Lee S. | Feb 1, 2012 7:07:53 PM

  10. I think Ms. Boggs crossed the line by refusing Mr. Campfield service. We have laws regarding this and just because she is probably a gay, this doesn't enable her to do as she please. She can keep her damn Bistro and all of her gay friends and I'll eat at Wendy's.

    Posted by: Stevein | Feb 5, 2012 2:58:40 PM

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