Cheryl Pflug Becomes Second GOP Washington State Senator to Support Marriage Equality Bill

Cheryl Pflug came out in support of Washington state's marriage equality bill yesterday, joining state Senator Steve Litzow, the Seattle Times reports:

PflugPflug of Maple Valley is the second Republican senator in recent days to say she will support gay-marriage legislation. She has voted for domestic-partnership benefits twice and believes strongly in fairness for all.

"I have been a longtime supporter of human equality," said Pflug. "I do not feel diminished by having another human being experience the same freedom I am entitled to exercise. I would feel diminished by denying another human the ability to exercise those same rights and freedoms."

Steve Litzow is First Washington State GOP Senator to Come Out in Support of Marriage Equality Bill [tr]


  1. KP says

    Wow, is there something in the water in Washington that makes their Republicans actual decent people who understand reason? Her statement is wonderful and one I wish others would realize – the gay couple next door getting married has nothing to do with your own marriage.

  2. TampaZeke says

    NOM’s worst nightmare is coming true. Do they really think that they will win when ALL movement is in our direction? Even polls in Mississippi and Utah are moving in our direction.

  3. Lucas says

    JAN, I’m not sure, but Seattle does have the best tasting tap water I’ve ever had, lol! I just love Seattle, and am proud that I used to call Seattle home! This just makes me want to move back to the Emerald City. GO WASHINGTON!!!

  4. steve says

    So proud of my Seattle, Washington! There is alot of work to be done still- please contribute time, money, social media..
    Shout out to new Jersey and Maryland as well in the fight for Marriage Equality!

  5. Caliban says

    Republicans being reasonable makes my head spin! They should stick with twirling their mustaches and cackling evilly so I know how to feel about them!

    Just kidding, obviously.

  6. Seattle Mike says

    Yep, we’re pretty fortunate here in the upper left hand corner. A lot of the credit goes to State Sen. Ed Murray and State Rep. Jamie Pedersen who have been quietly working on this issue for years and years. Both are openly gay. (We have other openly gay legislators here as well. Yeah, us!)

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