1. Ronny says

    At least one Texas news site,, did describe them as a couple. But I was more impressed that they revealed, “KXAN News contacted Governor Perry’s office asking what the state of Texas was doing to assist the shipwrecked Austinites but as of publishing time the governor’s office had not responded.”
    Shocking? Sadly, no.

  2. Angela Channing says

    It was sad to hear the stress and pain in Blake Miller’s voice as he told what happened. I hope they get home quickly and take time to rest from this ordeal.

  3. Bart says

    I do love that right under the video of this is an ad for a cruise. uhm, probably not the best way of put passengers in the boat.

  4. E. Thor Carlson says

    I should think that being a gay couple in Texas would be a more profound ordeal than being on a sinking ship.

  5. Jones says

    Blake Miller, a 50 year old adult man who weeps like a little girl. He wasn’t injured and he didn’t go in the water. He stepped onto a lifeboat and was deposited on a dock a few minutes later. And for that he gets all weepy like a gay stereotype. Thanks for making us look like wimps, a-hole.

  6. Rick S. says

    Hey Jones, he was weeping for the people who were trapped, couldn’t get, and most likely have since died. You are as thoroughly wretched and godawful a human being whom I’ve run across on the Internet.

    Just sayin’

  7. Yiu-Cheung says

    I worked on the sister ship of the Concordia, Costa Magica as a massage therapist 7 years ago. The company caters to an international clientele of passengers but fails to understand the different needs and services required of each nationalities. Drills can sometimes be delayed and chaotic. Best wishes to Blake and Steve.

  8. Yall says

    JONES, gladly life will surprise you with an ugly life threatening experience. There is always one. But I’ve no doubt that you’ll be either a hysterical coward crying for your life or a piece of cr4p stomping over others just to save your miserable skin. In that moment no one will give a fxck about stereotypes. Whatever, it’s obvious that you don’t know what empathy is or what it is being among hundreds of chaotic and desperate people fighting each other to see who get saved. You are just concerned with don’t know what so über important stereotype when there was dead people in that boat.

  9. Steve says

    I kinda agree with Jones. Although I empathize with their ordeal, after listening to the clip I was thinking to myself “Oh dear God” Man the F–K up.I’ve seen little boys handle tragedy with more dignity than that. When my 9 year old niece does that, I tell her to knock it off. BUT SHE’S 9! so she gets a pass. He’s a full grown man. Not to be sexist, but back in the day it was women and children into the life boats first. After watching this guy? It’ll read Women ,Children and homo’s.

  10. paul garcia says

    unless you are in this position as these two were,do not criticize them for being to emotional,that is so rude,I am happy they are safe as I am sure there familys are too.

  11. RealLife says

    Is amusing to read some people “writing” about being brave enough to criticize someone who was in a tragedy for being emotional. Not everyone has the same emotional output. And I understand that some people don’t give a f4ck when seeing others die. But I would love to see those quacks face a traumatic experience so we can see how steadily they behave just after the event. Sharing a tear is healthier than running amuck with a gun by the way.

  12. kansastock says

    I was just on a cruise that left Houston, and we hadn’t received baggage yet before we were rustled down for safety training right away. Must be different regs in the US.

    Interestingly, a Silversea ad is on this page with a cruiseliner appearing about 50 feet off a rugged coast. You’d think ‘Marketing’ might have pulled that by now.

  13. Matt says

    I don’t normally post on these things, but Jones’s comment bugs me. Even though this guy wasn’t personally injured, he was part of a traumatic event that involved chaos, screams — including screams of some people who lost their lives. As you begin to cope with the gravity of what occurred, it is human to cry. It’s a real immature and frankly inhumane view of “masculinity” to say that there is something wrong with crying when discussing this tragedy.