1. Mary says

    Hate to sound like a broken (homophobic) record here, but has this couple considered how ill-timed their move is? The SC primary is only days away. It doesn’t make much sense to give SC Republican voters another reason to wonder if Romney is really opposed to gay marriage or will come out in favor of it (or civil unions) once he’s president. A heating up of the culture wars in the South will help Santorum – the candidate that SC Republican voters really OUGHT to be choosing, based on their cultural outlook.

    Strategy, folks, strategy. But….whatever.

  2. Sean Bohac says

    I love it. MEUSA has been organizing these events for years. We’ve held more radical events in San Diego over the past three years that have included civil disobedience and some arrests. Any action that gets attention creates a conversation and more awareness. On the day after MLK holiday, it makes me even more irate when folks like Mary suggest that being quiet is somehow “strategic”, being quiet is being complicit not strategic. For inspiration check out SAME’s archive – or or

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