Daughter of Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd Opposes Father, Backs Marriage Equality

Jessica Rudd, the daughter of Australian Foreign Minister and former PM Kevin Rudd, tells the Sydney Morning Herald she supports marriage equality, unlike her father:

RuddWhereas a year ago she gave the impression that to be in a political family meant neutering one's true feelings – for instance, she dodged a journalist's question about whether she and her father had ever discussed gay marriage, given that her books feature a lesbian couple and her father famously opposed the proposed 2009 amendment of the Marriage Act that would have paved the way for legal gay unions – now she pulls no punches.

''Look, I don't care about his reaction,'' she says of her father. ''I believe in marriage equality and I just don't understand why we're still having this debate.'

So what does her father make of his daughter's views on the topic?

''His reaction is, 'You've disagreed with me. Yay, I've raised a strong, independent woman who can think for herself.'''

Just last month, Rudd's aunt Loree publicly quit the Labor Party over its support for same-sex marriage.