Daughter of Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd Opposes Father, Backs Marriage Equality

Jessica Rudd, the daughter of Australian Foreign Minister and former PM Kevin Rudd, tells the Sydney Morning Herald she supports marriage equality, unlike her father:

RuddWhereas a year ago she gave the impression that to be in a political family meant neutering one's true feelings – for instance, she dodged a journalist's question about whether she and her father had ever discussed gay marriage, given that her books feature a lesbian couple and her father famously opposed the proposed 2009 amendment of the Marriage Act that would have paved the way for legal gay unions – now she pulls no punches.

''Look, I don't care about his reaction,'' she says of her father. ''I believe in marriage equality and I just don't understand why we're still having this debate.'

So what does her father make of his daughter's views on the topic?

''His reaction is, 'You've disagreed with me. Yay, I've raised a strong, independent woman who can think for herself.'''

Just last month, Rudd's aunt Loree publicly quit the Labor Party over its support for same-sex marriage.


  1. jason says

    Kevin Rudd’s daughter has no political clout. Her position on gay marriage won’t change anything. Austalia won’t get gay marriage for possible at least 10 years. It’s a backward, homophobic place.

  2. Robert in NYC says

    Australia isn’t a backward homophobic place no more than any other western country. Do you really think America doesn’t have its own share of homophobia with hate groups (more than all other countries combined) pouring millions of dollars in to campaigns to overturn laws and stamp out any semblance of equality for LGBT people. Where do you think Proposition 8 came from, an enlightened pro-gay Californian populace? Here in NYS where I live, once you leave NYC, you’re among just the same conservative bigots as you find in the deep south or anywhere else in this country. Australia will get marriage equality across its entire continent. Unfortunately, we won’t. DOMA will never be repealed with 5 radical right wing republican judges on the Supreme Court and if Romney or Santorum beat Obama for the presidency, our fate will have been sealed permanently as another right wing radical judge is appointed to the bench.

  3. Mary says

    Why do people keep saying that they “can’t understand” why there is debate about gay marriage – or any other social issue? As long as an issue is controversial there is a serious difference of opinion about it on the part of the population. Saying you “can’t understand” why the issue is being discussed is tantamount to saying that you can’t imagine how anyone could disagree with your views. Even if you truly feel this way it’s downright dumb to say this. It makes you sound narrow-minded. Usually if an issue is controversial there are SOME good arguments on both sides. Coming down strongly on one side doesn’t mean you can’t at least SEE how others could view things differently. The amazing thing is that the “I can’t understand why this is even an issue” line normally comes from liberals – who always pride themelves on their supposed open-mindedness and ability to discern nuances.

    Growing up I often heard this kind of line from liberals and always thought the following: if they “can’t understand” how people could disagree with them then what makes me think they’ll respect MY rights when we disagree? Tolerance can’t be expected from people who are perplexed that their own subjective view are not self-evident to everyone.

    Unlike this woman, I can easily see how people can support views I oppose. In fact, I think the case for recognizing gay relationships has so many good points to it that I even briefly firted with the idea of supporting civil unions.

  4. LOL says

    Oh, Mary, you make us giggle…at you, not with you. Thanks for the laughs, troll. You seem to think we give a flying horse pie what you think. We don’t and we engage you for the giggles. Give it up :-) Actually, don’t, it’s funny when you talk. Hehe. :-)

  5. Mary says

    Well, LOL, glad I can lighten things up a bit. There’s enough sadness in the world as it is. Here’s something else that should cause giggles: you didn’t even address the issue I raised in my post.

  6. hoyden says

    I cant decide who is the bigger troll though. Jason does a pretty good job too. He always pops up in these threads with an anti-australian declaration. Yawn.

  7. hoyden says

    Hey Mary,
    Call me crazy but I could never understand why someone would have a problem with another human being celebrating their consenting, healthy, adult relationship with some of their friends and family.
    I guess my inability to see the logic or value in holding on to bigotry, inequality, intolerance and ignorance just makes me narrow minded.
    I should always struggle to understand everyone’s beliefs, no matter how poorly thought out, selfish or disrespectful of others.
    For the majority of Jessica Rudds generation, some truths are so self evident that we find it baffling that others can insist on flailing at windmills and swimming against the natural current of history.

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