Developers Reject Winning Design for NYC AIDS Memorial Park, Decide to Go With Their Own


Rudin Management, the owner of the park in NYC's West Village at the center of a design competition for an AIDS Memorial, rejected the competition's winning design just hours after it was announced today, DNA Info reports:

Rudin Management, which won City Planning Commission approval on Jan. 23 for its plans for the former St. Vincent's Hospital site, said it will work with the AIDS Memorial Park coalition, Community Board 2 and locals on plans for the park, but that its current design by landscape architect Rick Parisi will provide its basis.

“Our neighborhood park design … allows for a commemoration of both those affected by the AIDS epidemic and of St. Vincent’s Hospital for its 160 years of service to the community and its steadfast commitment to care for those suffering from HIV/AIDS," Rudin CEO and vice chairman Bill Rudin said in a statement.

"We stand ready to continue our work with all stakeholders to determine how best to realize these memorial elements as part of the approved park design in a timely manner,” he said.

Parisi's design for the park can be seen here.

'Infinite Forest' Chosen as Winning Design for NYC AIDS Memorial Park [tr]


  1. AJ says

    I am a huge proponent for an AIDS memorial at this site, however I do not like the winning design for two reasons. 1) the walls that surround the park would create a barrier and a dead zone in that area – just like what exists now – and would certainly be closed at night to keep out “campers”. This would keep people from taking a moment there at night, when they might want to reflect. 2) a memorial is a place to reflect and remember, to be one with your thoughts but the mirrors would make it so that you are facing yourself at all times, not those that we’ve lost. The park itself in that location can not be anything but a refuge and memorial for those that know it’s significance. I do hope that the developer provides a worthy memorial to inform and inspire those that are not aware already.

  2. Ken says

    One wonders what the politics of this are. Why did they let the Infinite Forest announcement go forward if they had no intention of accepting it?
    I agree that the mirrors present a problem…

  3. KP says

    From what I understand, the contest was never backed by the space’s current owners, Rudin Management. It was run by the AIDS Memorial park Group to challenge what they saw as a generic original design. The whole contest was pretty much for naught from the beginning. Rudin announced back then they weren’t going to stray from their original plans. My best guess? The lot will become just another generic park with a small marker somewhere noting the AIDS epidemic. Sometimes they make it really easy not to care…

  4. Anonymous says

    When we are walking through the Infinite Forest we see ourselves at every step and every turn. We infect ourselves with HIV/AIDS. Therefore we are condemning memorial park visitors who have AIDS who walk through the Infinite Forest and see themselves. The Infinite Forest is about reflecting the self through mirrors, and the self infliction of AIDS. What we see as a surface level idea has unwarranted side effects when carried to a deeper level of thought and consciousness.

  5. ggggb says

    I liked the design. I thought there was something very poignant about the loneliness of a forest, and there were trees, and it was still. that’s so retarded!

  6. Paul R says

    Mirrors would get immediately tagged, broken, or really dirty (rain? snow? jerks?). It was a great design, but unworkable in a major urban area. Trees are great. Mirrors in that space, not so much as some might like them to be.

  7. lookyloo says

    Yet another ‘public’ park under private ownership.

    Actual public spaces are becoming less and less – and what does that mean? It means private property laws, not public property laws for our ‘public’ spaces.

    The gov’t and corporations are making it harder and harder for citizens to peacefully protest without breaking the law.

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