1. JWL says

    and who really gives a damn about the musical opinion of someone who is only married to a musician? What exactly has Furnish done for the world of music that could be a bigger contribution than Madonna? I can’t imagine.

  2. MKe says

    Awe I kind of wish Madonna and Elton would end this feud already. It’s not like they have nothing in common. I noticed she kept talking when the music came on, but that’s Madonna lol.

  3. Todd says

    Elton John’s long running jealousy of Madonna is what is truly embarrassing. For such an accomplished man to continually attack and criticize another accomplished artist (unprovoked, for no good reason), just reveals the depths of his own insecurity. Sad.

  4. CJ says

    I like the song she wrote for W.E. – BUT, I will agree that her speech was a little narcissistic. I lost count of how many times she say “I” or “my movie” – and her whole thing about how she just didn’thave time to write a song and then BAM, she had time. She is a little into herself (but she is an “artist” and I think they all are a little into themselves) but man I still love her!

  5. AJ says

    As much as I love Gaga and Madonna both I happened to agree w Madge’s criticism of the SONG “Born This Way” as compared to “Express Yourself”. I think she was spot-on by describing it as “reductive”.

  6. Tagg63 says

    Why is it so hard for artists to let go of their spotlight? Madonna is on the tail end of her career in relation to popularity. It’s an ageist business. Will she continue to promote “Madonna”? Of course she wiill be she doesnt need the $$$. Her comment on Graham Norton Sat night on why she was going back on tour was beyond laughable. She said she needed to pay the bills and she wasnt making a joke. Gaga will be around for many years and one song that resembles a Madonna song doesnt makje her any less talented. I could she if BTW was her only hit so far….

  7. says

    Ha!! I guess Elton had to eat those words, huh? What a terrible couple of a**holes. Haven’t these guys learned that when you open your mouth to spew out negative things, those things will only come back to you? I’m afraid the “embarrassment” lies only with these two sour pusses. Congrats to the true icon and winner, Madonna.

  8. Michael W. says

    Absolutely none of those people have any class whatsoever. It would be a chore to be friends with any of them. They all have talent, granted, but none of them are gracious about it. I’d take Lady Gaga over them any day.

  9. DJSauvage says

    Elton John is still making music? I guess I should browse my Grandma’s 78s more often. Maybe he’s just changing the words to Candle in the Wind again.

  10. says

    I too was shocked when Madonna won. She has never had much talent to speak of other then being a great PR con artist. She will be shut out at the Oscars. I thought Jane Fonda looked smashing at 70+. Didn’t find Ricky funny, let’s hope this is his last stint. Geez Louise, these winners have got to shut up when they get to that microphone – on and on and on they went. It has always been pretty widely known that a Foreign Press award can be easily bought if enough cash is spread around. George Clooney plays the same role in every picture and his win was another “what?”. The Bridesmaids is another picture I find more distasteful then I do award-worthy. War Horse, Hugo, Tin Tin were certainly true Hollywood pictures. Ides of March we’ve seen done a hundred times.

  11. jason says

    Madonna and Elton are a good illustration of the bisexual double standard in the music industry.

    When Madonna was dabbling in sexual interactions with other women in her Sex book and Girlie Tour, everyone was saying how incredibly innovative and interesting she was. The word “sexy” was often used. If a chart-topping male were to interact with men in a concert or in a similar type of book, all hell would break loose. The same people who refer to Madonna as “sexy” would question the man’s sexuality and try to rip him down.

    That’s why male singers in the music industry often keep their sexuality a secret. Elton had to keep his a secret for many years. Even when he came out, he wasn’t allowed to use it in his marketing and still doesn’t.

    Madonna exploited this double standard to further her career and make lots of money. It’s a homophobic double standard that she exploited. She’s not our friend.

  12. Stop being so sensitive says

    Why are some of you so sensitive? Everything is “homophobic” apparently. Elton is acting like a bitter queen with his comments. Elton John had to keep is sexuality a secret? It was obvious to many. Not everyone has to be all out and proud like many of you want. The nerve of anyone to say Madonna is homophobic. Ridiculous.

  13. says

    they’re all preposterously rich beyond belief and these agumentative feuds can safely be labeled “Rich White First-World People’s Problems”.

    when you have a twitterwar, of all things, over a golden globe win, OF ALL THINGS, then you show how utterly out of touch with reality you are.


  14. scott X says

    All four of them (Elton, his husband, Madonna, and her self-importance) just need to shut the hell up. They’re all annoying, bitter, and egotistical. It is a bit amusing, though, how many gay men will rush to the defense of Madonna because they liked to dance to her music 15 years ago, regardless of how insufferably narcissistic she is and regardless of whether her talent remains. It never has in the movie department.


    As much as I love Gaga and Madonna both I happened to agree w Madge’s criticism of the SONG “Born This Way” as compared to “Express Yourself”. I think she was spot-on by describing it as “reductive”.
    Posted by: AJ | Jan 16, 2012 10:55:14 AM

    Really AJ? Reductive, really? In Respect Yourself, Vadge is demanding that you treat her honey spot oh so right…Gaga on the other hand created an anthem of inclusiveness cleverly syncopated to a popular disco baseline which was far more derivitive of the Stapler Singers more than Madonna, hey hey hey hey!

  16. Pugzz says

    I get such a laugh at some of the comments about celebrities. We don’t know these people but some follow their every tweet. Elton does British pomp just right and Madonna does narcissism so well. These feuds are just PR. So are all almost every celebrity tweet. Everything is done to keep their names on your lips. It’s all silly and means absolutely nothing and it’s mean’t to be entertaining. Which it is – if you understand it’s all part of the circus.

  17. Molc says

    @ Tadpolicus Wex Agree. Born This Way is infinitely better on every single level-than ‘Depress Yourself’, for one thing it has a REAL singer singing it and is a bold gay anthem. Gagdonna has never and would never do a gay anthem. It’s an insult to Gaga to even begin to compare them. Absolutely loathe the fake Kaballah (and everything else) Madonna. I wonder how many ‘gifts’ she had to give to get this meaningless award??

  18. MammaBear says

    Furnish’s tweet is unbecoming.

    Madge’s speech was nauseating, as was her blah blah before announcing the foreign language film award. She’s somehow manages to come across as self-obsessed, insecure and pretentious, despite her massive popularity. Sad.

  19. Paulie says

    I have no idea why these two have decided to make a spectacle of themselves. Between Elton cursing on the red carpet and David’s rant on Facebook, you’d think they were still in high school. I don’t get it. No one else behaved like this last night. They turned a positive, celebratory event into something very negative. Elton and David should have stayed home.

  20. timothyjames24 says

    BTW did anyone catch Madonna showing her true colors, when asked about Elton she asked Carson Daly if Elton was wearing a dress. Madonna is an ugly soul.

  21. tom says

    hey tim, she asked if he was wearing a green dress because she repeatedly has to listen to his nasty jealous comments, i.e., green with envy.

    Like the majority of others throwing insults at her, you don’t get it unless it’s in your face obvious

  22. Shannon says


  23. MrRoboto says

    I can’t believe no one has yet acknowledged that the corny piece of sh*t Elton got nominated for, “Hello Hello” from Gnomeo and Juliet, is a complete ripoff of The Beatles’ “Hello Goodbye.” Elton even admits so, though he calls it “a Beatles pastiche.”

    Talk about reductive. At least Madonna’s song was original.

  24. Lisa says

    Elton is upset because he is overweight and will NEVER look as good as Madonna in a dress. And Mr. Furnish is no position to critize Madonna. Instead of living off Elton’s money, he should go out and get a job.

  25. mike128 says

    I thought Mary J would win this one, but Madonna’s song was definitely a close second, in my opinion. David Furnish comes off as totally classless with his comments. Madonna is certainly no more narcissistic than Elton, and her comments about Born this Way are not at all false (nor necessarily a put down). Gaga does reference Madonna – as does a whole lot of pop culture. It would in fact be difficult to enter the pop culture arena without referencing Madonna (like her or not).

  26. mike128 says

    And watch the video – Madonna handles the whole thing with MUCH class. Why would anyone say their competition doesn’t stand a f-ing chance? Elton is childish.

    I’m also starting to think he’s made such an effort to befriend Gaga as a way of pissing Madonna off.

  27. says

    If Elton and David are such sore losers, how does this bode well for a child that they’re raising? I see a spoiled kid having temper tantrums (if he’s not already). This also doesn’t shine a positive light on gay adoption. Maybe Elton should focus on mental and physical fitness (lose the bloat) and raising a healthy child with values and the measurement of how one behaves. Everything isn’t a contest and it’s not always about winning. Grow up, Elton & David! You sound like two 12 year-olds at an elementary school talent show.

  28. Jimbo says

    The old pusball is pissed because Madge isn’t desperate enough to haul her arse to his tired annual tiara party with Liz Hurley, B-listers, and fat hedgies. That’s the real reason.

  29. Tagg63 says

    Question: Why is it that Madonna was the “main” nominee and not one of the two other song writers? Oh…right…she demands co-writing credit no matter how little she contributes.

  30. Bryan says

    It took until Madonna’s win for him to start questioning the integrity of the GG? Haven’t the Globes been a bit of a favoritism/popularity contest for a while now?

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