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Florida Pastor Arrested Soliciting Sex from Men in Park

A Florida pastor was among those arrested this week in a sex sting in a public park:

ClarkPolk County Sheriff's Office vice detectives arrested four men, including a pastor and a retired Canadian police officer, during an undercover operation today at Peace River Park in the Homeland area. Detectives said after they made contact with the men, the suspects exposed themselves and/or asked them to perform sex acts on them. Among those arrested was Matthew Preston Clark, 33, of Bartow, who told detectives he is senior pastor at the Blessed Assurance Temple, 1245 S. McAdoo Ave, Bartow. He was charged with soliciting a lewd act.

"It never ceases to amaze me when professionals such as preachers and law enforcement officers are engaged in such outrageous behavior," Sheriff Grady Judd said in a release. "That type of behavior is not going to be tolerated in our parks. We want to ensure that all of our parks are safe for children and their families to enjoy. "

Families like Pastor Clark's?

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  1. it is. that said, if you're thinking more about "how to get some ass in secret" you're focusing on the wrong issue.

    it's like when Closeted guys, who don't want people to know that they're gay, complain about how hard it is to meet guys.

    no DUH. you're not Out.

    these stings are prejudicial. they're a waste of time and money and energy. know what else is a waste of time and energy? caring more about getting laid in private than working on coming to terms with your attractions so you can get laid in ways that can't get you arrested, no matter how unfair these arrests are.

    none of us can give "support" to anyone who only allows clandestine bathroom escapades as their sole gay outlet.

    i don't support these sting operations at all. i just think it's odd that one who is afraid of being Found Out would risk not just being found Out, but the criminal charges associated with these behaviors.
    wrong priorities for all parties involved. and i do mean ALL.

    if you're a grown adult man, and you dont' work toward EQUALITY and Advocacy because you're too concerned with having a private secret sexual escapade then i'm not sure what specific sympathies i'm supposed to be having. you can't be an adult and complain about the lack of LGBT Acceptance if you yourself aren't doing anything to PROMOTE IT.

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Jan 27, 2012 3:07:41 PM

  2. How sad KIWI that politically you can be so on target, making relevant and thought-provoking points but fail so miserably to connect on a humanitarian level.

    It is like finding out that your favorite actor or singer is a souless bigot . . . it is difficult to enjoy their work again. I have so enjoyed your postings . . . but now I will have a difficult time separating and balancing your future comments with this judgmental, self-righteous persona you've let loose on the blogosphere . . . a man utterly lacking in empathy and kindness. It is clear that you would not make a great advocate for our community, as you only wish to help those who think like you, who are as brave as you . . . only you are not really a brave person are you? You no more step outside your comfort zones than these men you are so derisive of.

    "If you're afraid to come out because of what might happen, then I have to wonder what convinces one to take the risk of getting busted in a public bathroom," KIWI writes . . . You would have to wonder, and be left wondering . . . yeah? Seeing how little effort you make in actually putting yourself in the shoes of these men.

    I found in life that the type of people who say "I have to wonder . . . " are people spurred on by a profoundly uncharitable disposition of disgust for anything or anyone different from him/her self, leap to condemnation.

    People who say "they have to wonder" are left wondering because they made no attempt to probe the thing they say they are wondering about, to fathom, for the them, the inexplicable behavior of others.
    Essentially they wondered not at all.

    Additionally you write: "I and anyone else, can't help and support these men if they refuse to want support."

    Spoken like a self-righteous prig.

    You have no use for men who are scared or timid, who feel locked in their marriages to women, intimidated and over-awed by the church, their religious, fundamentalist families, and an angry God that clearly enjoys pulling the wings of flies for the hell of it.

    Compelled through a lifelong nurture and indoctrination of a God that throws gay people into eternal hell fire, countermanded by a hormonal drive to engage in that behavior, one actually has to wonder where these men find the strength and courage to satisfy their sexual leanings.

    You also write "They're not gonna find support systems at the urinals."

    Nor will they, apparently, find it here with you on Towleroad. Because, yeah, KIWI, men at urinals also have computers, and those men who might be thinking of breaking the patterns of sexual addiction, or coming out to their wife and families, who might be looking for help now know that KIWI would be the last person they could turn to for support. You have revealed yourself to be as condemnatory, self-righteous, and fundamentally flawed and fanatical in your ideologies as the fanatical Christian.

    Why would anyone looking to get free of the harsh Christian fanatics in their lives look to the harsh gay fanatic?

    Having once been one of those men at the urinals, I know I would not.

    Posted by: RiccoRicco | Jan 27, 2012 3:47:11 PM

  3. it's sad but kiwi's just another troll now. have fun in Kiwitopia.

    Posted by: Pahima | Jan 27, 2012 6:03:47 PM

  4. How refreshing. A Protestant Minister and not a Catholic Priest. Will surprises never cease.

    AND quite beating on KIWI; We all have bad days ocassionly.

    Posted by: Jerry6 | Jan 28, 2012 7:42:54 PM

  5. i'm not sure what you're angry at me about. truly. i can't give support to someone if the only outlet their choosing is a public bathroom.

    i'll totally support people. i just can't do it in a public bathroom.

    you're angry at me for what, specifically? i don't get it. if you're scared and timid then why are you risking Outage, and ARREST, in a public bathroom? there are no LGBT Support Groups that operate at public urinals.

    "courage to satisfy their sexual leanings"? why not the courage, instead, to attend an LGBT support group, instead of going to a public rest stop?

    if people want support, and help, there are resources. none of those resources are to be found at a public bathroom.

    what, specifically, is "fanatical" about me saying that we can't give support to people struggling with their same-sex attractions and desires if they're choosing public rest-stops as their outlet and not LGBT-specific support and outreach groups or programs?

    i'm not a "harsh gay fanatic" for pointing out that gay support groups dont' operate at public urinals.

    ok. you were, apparently, 'once' one of those men at those urinals. and what changed? what made you seek out other outlets? i don't use public restrooms for anything other than relieving my bladder. i'm not sure what specific work you think i'm forgetting to do. perhaps you could enlighten me with specifics?

    i dont support these stings; they're ugly, they're prejudicial, they're a waste of time and energy. but what is specifically "self-righteous" about me pointing out that one cannot lend support to someone if their only Gay Outlet is a public bathroom? specifics, please.

    in other related news, the superbowl is coming up. as investigations have found out, sex trafficking and indeed CHILD-sex trafficking increased greatly at the cities that host the superbowl. meaning: there will be an increase of child sold as sex-slaves being trafficked into that city, in hotels and motels, to be abused by those with the money to pay for such criminal activities.

    law enforcement would better serve the public to be on high alert during in the next few weeks, where real crimes with real victims will indeed be perpetrated.

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Jan 29, 2012 4:01:50 PM

  6. p.s. i'm in no way "embarrassed" by these activities. bathroom sex doesnt' make me blush. i don;t think these things "make us look bad" - i don't care what The Straights think.

    remember this: i'm not the one worrying about homophobic straight society. the ones worrying about the homophobic straight society are the ones clandestinely sucking cock in these public bathrooms.

    important distinction.

    support exists. outlets for support exist. none of them exist, however, in public urinals.

    it's about being a mature adult, being real, and understanding priorities. heck, in 2012 there are OTHER WAYS to get off with guys that don't remotely involve risking arrest.

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Jan 29, 2012 4:12:58 PM

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