1. Jason says

    Hey Andy! Longtime reader here. Have you noticed the amount of time it takes a “…continue to read” page takes to load? I find that whenever there’s a jump with an embedded video, it takes quite a long time to load and re-loads the page typically three times each click. If I too quickly click on a youtube video to play, it’ll only refresh and start over again.

    Is this on your web programmers’ radar by chance?

    Thanks again for all the fantastic work you!

  2. alex says

    Jason: I wouldn’t expect much. This site is poorly designed because it assumes that everyone has a high-speed Internet connection. (Not everyone does; particularly those of us that travel and must rely on crappy hotel Internet.) I tried using the “Contact” page to bring up this issue with the Towleroad folks. Since I am a programmer, I even offered some suggestions for speeding up page loads. No one bothered to respond to my inquiry.

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