News: Ryan Kwanten, A380. Stephen Hawking, Melancholia, Paper

RoadSingapore, Qantas admit to cracks in Airbus A380 wings.

RoadOut Army Chief Warrant Officer Charlie Morgan battling breast cancer.

RoadNational Society of Film Critics names Lars von Trier's Melancholia best film of 2011.

Mambo_kwantenRoadRyan Kwanten's Mambo ad campaign.

RoadBeyoncé and Jay-Z have baby girl, name it Blue Ivy Carter.

RoadVisionary scientific theorist Stephen Hawking celebrates 70th birthday: "All this while battling a disease which left him paralysed, and which doctors told him meant he wouldn't live much beyond 22. On 8 January Professor Stephen Hawking celebrates his 70th birthday. In typical style he is planning to spend it with luminaries from the world of science, at a special conference Cambridge University is hosting in his honour." UPDATE: Hawking not well enough to deliver speech.

RoadMegan Mullally is ready to Party Down.

RoadVIDEO: Newt Gingrich asks Mitt Romney to "drop the pious baloney".

RoadGeorge Clooney to go Inside the Actors Studio.

TatumRoadChanning Tatum: No full frontals in Magic Mike.

RoadScrunched paper balls baffle researchers: "No matter how tightly you crumple paper into a ball, you'll be hard-pressed to come up with a structure composed of less than about 90 per cent air. 'It's technically possible to compress them further,' says Cambou, 'but that will take a lot more force because the crumpled sheet increasingly opposes the external force as it's crushed.' Menon and Cambou wanted to know why."

RoadMaureen Dowd: The Grating Santorum. "Santorum thinks he’s a bold color and Romney’s a pastel. But the whole Republican field seems ensconced in a black-and-white ’50s diorama. It’s like they’re running for president of Leave It to Beaverland."

RoadChicago Cardinal Francis George gets protested despite apology, cancelation: "It is totally inadequate," said Andy Thayer, co-founder of the Gay Liberation Network, referring to the statement posted on the archdiocese's website Friday night. "When it came time to issue an apology he chose the most passive manner to do it. … I would say it to his face."

RoadA look at LGBT bookstores around the world.

RoadBilly Elliot closes after three years on Broadway.

RoadMale model fix: Renato Ferreira.

ChambersRoad"Ex-gay" leader Alan Chambers: The "vast majority" of "ex-gays" still experience same-sex attraction.

RoadLGBT 'Pride House' to be one of largest at London Olympics: Pride House, a 6,500sqm open-air venue with marquee structures, will hold cultural and entertainment events over 17 days during the Olympics. The venue told Event: 'We’re estimating it to be one of the biggest Olympic houses. We have a capacity of 20,000 at any given time so over the course of the Games it will probably be about 250,000.'"

RoadMichelangelo Signorile on gay former Santorum aide Robert Traynham, who was on Hardball last week defending him: "Why Traynham, as a gay man, was ever working for Rick Santorum is of course a question we ask all the time about gay conservatives who publicly support the very politicians who would strip them of their rights. Santorum attempted to turn Traynham into a victim in the way that Dick Cheney claimed his lesbian daughter Mary was under attack for supporting an administration that pushed a federal marriage amendment. Traynham now seems to be returning the favor, going public even though he's previously tried to hide any association with Santorum. But he and the campaign must be smoking something pretty powerful if they think people are going to buy it."


  1. jason says

    This London Pride House is a stupid idea. Gay people should be out mingling with everybody else. Segregation simply makes gay people less influential and minimizes them. It also makes gay people vulnerable to commercial exploitation by greedy businessmen.

    Fore Pete’s sake, when are gay people going to realize that enclaves make you less powerful?

  2. says

    Oh Alan Chambers….. how your existence works against what so many claim….


    you know how you get insecure gay men claiming that certain perceived-gay “isms” are nothing but the product of “the radical stereotypical gay community and their agenda”, or something?

    well……if that’s true, why does he still embody them? why does he still LOOK the part? if “gay stereotypes” are things that people adopt to “fit in with the stereotypical queens” then why does a man who loathes them and avoids them still embody so many of those perceived things?

    like this dude:

    how can a gay man who spends his life avoiding other gay men, and the “gay scene”, still (cluelessly….) embody so many things considered and perceived to be “stereotypically gay”?

    oh, that’s right. because it’s actually not all about social constructs. sometimes it’s just who you are, inside. and then outside.

    *le sighhhh*

  3. KP says

    The “no frontal” in Magic Mike doesn’t surprise me. Hollywood’s aversion to male frontal nudity is riduculous at this point. If the movie was called Magic Mindy, you would bet there would be tons of female frontal nudity. Oh well – even if they had been male frontal nudity, I wouldn’t be seeing this movie. It sounds horrible – and the cast doesn’t impress me that much.

  4. MikeH says

    To paraphrase a comment about Magic Mike: My interest in this movie went from 100 to 0 in about 1.5 seconds…

    Seriously, what is the issue with showing a cock? Hollywood is so fricken homophobic it isn’t funny… you can show tits, ass, vagina, all kinds of heterosexual sex acts, an endless amount of violence, dismemberment and mayhem… but showing any serious homosexual sex act (other than the hint followed by an immediate fade out) or a cock is a major, major taboo…

    In this day and age? Really? It’s so ridiculous it is pathetic!

  5. KP says

    Mikeh, I agree. I thought the same about Shame. If instead of showing his penis for more than a microsecond Michael Fassbender’s character has instead disembowled a couple of prostitutes, the movie iwould have gotten an “R” instead of NC-17. Lets be honest, no one is going to see Magic Mike for the story – its the promise of beefcake and nudity. I imagine the movie will disappear quietly after its premiere.

  6. Matt26 says

    Ryan Kwnaten looking as hot as usual.
    No full frontal, no surprise, but what about hot hunk Joe Manganiello and all the promises about the big surprise.

  7. GregSD says

    Alan Chambers looks remarkably like the character Derek from the Catherine Tate Show. And if you’re familiar with Derek, it’s an entirely appropriate comparison.

  8. FernLaPlante says

    While I agree with Mikeh, to be fair Hollywood does not show vagina. They show pubic hair but never have they actually shown a vagina. If this confuses you, I suggest you google what a vagina actually is.

    As for Alan Chambers, the reason “ex-gays” still have same sex attractions is because there is no such thing as an EX-gay.

  9. redball says

    well that news has officially deflated (pun intended) my interest in that movie from zilch to NEGATIVE.


  10. jason says

    Since when is Hollywood gay-friendly? It’s one of the most homophobic institutions around.

  11. TJ says

    Um, you guys are Internet- savvy, yes? Are you really experiencing a lack of full- frontal? Or do you need to see a specific penis? Of course, now that I think of it, there are a few members of that cast I wouldn’t mind being… exposed to.

  12. FernLaPlante says

    First of all rewatch Basic Instinct and you will see that the photo you posted is photoshopped. Secondly, I have seen dozens of more penises in movies than I ever have vagina and labia. Michael Fassbender showed his penis a dozen times in Shame. There were zero vaginas.

  13. TJ says

    Re:Chambers. So, basically, what it boils own to is philosophy over reality. The reality is that sexual orientation is fairly immutable (although it is better thought of as a spectrum rather than a fixed point). The reality is that there is nothing inherently sick, wrong or unhealthy with being gay (although, face it, some behaviors can be – like repressing). No, it’s a matter of adhering to a philosophy informed by dogma, which is based on interpretation. Reality, and the genuine happiness and fulfillment of those who don’t match or share the belief system be damned.

  14. TJ says

    PS KIWI: Generally speaking, “Le sigh” is a term I feel best reserved for Facebook posts between me and my niece. But in your case, I will make an exception. 😉

  15. uffda says

    Kiwi’s back, that’s the main thing. He’s been gone for two days and what would we do without being scolded.

    Now I don’t have to give up on my expandable book Troll Control: Kiwi’s Guiding Opinions, or How to Get It Right But Never Go There. This will be a compilation of basic questions or issues expressed in this thread over time, and Kiwi’s most pungent/incendiary responses. The total guide to being correct plus a compilation of his favorite expletives from “Sigh” to “eat me” and many more. I’ll need help so send me your favorites…we owe it to the world to make this favorite pixy famous.

  16. TJ says

    UFFDA – I hardly think “Le sigh” qualifies as an expletive. My comment was meant as good-natured ribbing because KIWI used one of “my” phrases. And pot, meet kettle when it comes to incendiary phrases (eye of the beholder and all that).

  17. NaughtyLola says

    The only way you’ll see vagina is with a speculum; the vagina is the inside part. The outside part is the vulva.

  18. uffda says

    TJ of course, and I wasn’t referring to your comment (actually I couldn’t remember his best ones). Incendiary…on a web thread it’s harmless enough, along with pot and kettle.