Grindr Says Breach Was ‘Unfounded Speculation’ as Hacker Gets Off

Nobody has pressed charges against a teen who last week allegedly hacked the gay social networking app Grindr in Australia, Fairfax Media reports:

Grindr"But the NSW Police's cybercrime squad had not received any complaints about the hack, a State Crime Command spokeswoman said. If a complaint was made, the cybercrime squad would investigate to see if any laws had been broken, the spokeswoman added."

Grindr, however, claims they have taken action:

A Grindr spokesman told Fairfax Media the company had taken "legal and technological actions" against a website created by the hacker that exploited the flaws in the Grindr app, adding that the site "primarily impacted a very small percentage of our total Australian Grindr users and it remains shut down".

"Contrary to some unfounded speculation, we have no indication that any large number of photos were intercepted – in fact, we have received no specific user reports of interceptions," the spokesman said in a statement, adding that users of Blendr, the straight version of the app, "were not affected".

But one of the Sydney users of the Grindr app, who asked to remain anonymous, said his profile was altered twice, with his name changed to obscene words.

Grindr told Fairfax media that it would soon be issuing a compulsory security update. Grindr claims to have 3 million users globally.

Posted January 25, 2012 at 11:37am ETC by Andy Towle
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