Grindr Says Breach Was ‘Unfounded Speculation’ as Hacker Gets Off

Nobody has pressed charges against a teen who last week allegedly hacked the gay social networking app Grindr in Australia, Fairfax Media reports:

Grindr"But the NSW Police's cybercrime squad had not received any complaints about the hack, a State Crime Command spokeswoman said. If a complaint was made, the cybercrime squad would investigate to see if any laws had been broken, the spokeswoman added."

Grindr, however, claims they have taken action:

A Grindr spokesman told Fairfax Media the company had taken "legal and technological actions" against a website created by the hacker that exploited the flaws in the Grindr app, adding that the site "primarily impacted a very small percentage of our total Australian Grindr users and it remains shut down".

"Contrary to some unfounded speculation, we have no indication that any large number of photos were intercepted – in fact, we have received no specific user reports of interceptions," the spokesman said in a statement, adding that users of Blendr, the straight version of the app, "were not affected".

But one of the Sydney users of the Grindr app, who asked to remain anonymous, said his profile was altered twice, with his name changed to obscene words.

Grindr told Fairfax media that it would soon be issuing a compulsory security update. Grindr claims to have 3 million users globally.


  1. says

    “I’m in my thirties and my grindr got hacked and now i’m scared that people will know that i suck cock!”


    tell that to the LGBT people in third-world countries who have the courage and strength to be Out in cultures and climates that still criminalize homosexuality.

    for real.

  2. Rex Mundi says

    You guys don’t actually think outing is the primary concern, do you? I’d imagine that Australian Grindr users are more concerned that their naked pictures are going to end up all over the Internet.

  3. says

    i still don’t see the issue with that. i don’t understand the fear about “naked pictures.”

    there are naked pictures of me on the internet. know what you will never find, however? pics of me with guns. i’ll glorify my dong, but i refuse to glorify guns and gun-culture.

    there will be around 30,000 deaths from gunviolence in the USA alone in 2012.

    i doubt there will be any deaths from Sexy Penises.

    priorities, folks truly. what’s the worst that can happen? people will find out how sensational some of us look whilst naked?

    not something i’m worried about.

  4. Rex Mundi says

    @Little Kiwi: Ok…well, linking this to a gun violence debate is kind of out of left field. Yeah, I agree, guns suck, but how does that relate here? The resources potentially being used by an Australian cybercrimes unit will not have an effect on gun violence in the US.

    And just because you don’t mind publicizing your naked pictures doesn’t mean that others should be FORCED to. I’m not going to argue that this is THE BIGGEST DEAL IN THE WORLD EVER, but I certainly wouldn’t love to have my wang online for all my friends, co-workers and neighbours to see.

  5. Nat says

    “priorities, folks truly. what’s the worst that can happen? people will find out how sensational some of us look whilst naked?”

    No, the worst that can happen is someone being fired from their job if someone from their work ‘stumbles’ across the pictures and reports it.

  6. Nat says

    That being said, my sympathy is marked with a bit of disdain. There’s a simple solution: don’t ever take naked pictures of yourself. There’s no reason to, ever.

  7. says

    anyone who sends nude photos into cyberspace, and onto grindr, has to accept the reality that those photos are now in the hands of others.

    “douchebagsofgrindr” anyone?

    if you dont want people to see your wang then don’t ever take a picture of your wang. problem solved.

    my point is merely this, re: gun violence – just because we live in a culture where a man seen holding a gun is deemed Patriotic and a man seen holding his penis is deemed An Assault on the American Family (or something…?) doesn’t mean that the idea is in any way justified.

    nobody is forced to use grindr, nor share nude photos over it.

    if you don’t want people to see you naked, don’t ever take naked photos. it’s as simple as that.

    but our culture, worldwide, still needs to reprioritize. guns are holy, penises are evil. protecting child-rapists is fine as long as you do it in the name of the Church or College Football.

  8. endo says

    I love how people think that sending your naked wang pic to a complete stranger you met and chatted with on Grindr for 4 minutes is somehow safer than a hacker breaking into their system.

  9. David in NYC says

    The “if your naked pics get out to the entire world it’s nobodies fault but your own” argument is ridiculous.

    When you send a personal email through GMAIL to a friend you still expect Google to provide some degree of security. Same goes for naked pictures on GRINDR.

  10. Rex Mundi says

    @Little Kiwi: I don’t see how this could be seen as an issue about society’s views on sex. This is an issue of privacy, and that’s it. You should be airing your grievances to the MPAA or something (which I would support!!), but this is NOT about the world being shocked at the sight of a penis. This is about privacy being breached, and that is all. I would be just as disturbed by this if people’s medical records or bank statements were being breached.

  11. Pahima says

    @little kiwi, you don’t understand why anyone would have an issue with this?! just because nobody forced one to do something doesn’t mean it’s OK to share what it is they did with everyone. and just because it’s not an issue for you doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be for anyone else.

  12. says

    ok, but that’s my point, Rex: the issue of “privacy” is, frankly, a concern for those who still live in a state of fear about being known as gay, or being known as a gay man with a functioning penis. or something.

    just as we have people freaking out and saying “being gay is my personal business” (which is frankly pathetic for a grown-adult in the western world to say in 2012…..) to “i didn’t want everyone to see my cock, just the guy i was chatting to!” nonsense.

    you send a naked pic out and it’s now on the world wide web. it can, and likely will, be passed around to others. it may be used by someone else with a fake profile.

    if you dont’ want people to see your wang, and you’re terrified about being Found Out, it’s probably best not to use grindr.

    not only a First World issue, a Closeted Issue.

    bank statements? medical records? comparing those to a dong? your dong must be EPIC! 😉

  13. Nat says

    “When you send a personal email through GMAIL to a friend you still expect Google to provide some degree of security. Same goes for naked pictures on GRINDR. ”

    Yes, but you should always be prepared for the worst-case scenario of anything you consider private being disclosed, from your financial data to your penis.

    The worst-case scenario for a naked picture of you on the internet equates with the reaction of your friends, family, or employers. If you’re employed in an industry where you would be quickly terminated if a photo of this nature comes out – don’t take it. If you’re closeted and don’t want people to find out – don’t take it. If you’re uncomfortable with non-intimates seeing your penis – don’t take it.

  14. Rex Mundi says

    Little Kiwi, by your logic, straight people should have absolutely no reason to not want naked pictures all over the net. If they’re not worried about being outed, why should they care?

    I am 100% out to every person in my life. That does not mean I want them looking in my pants. Sexuality and privacy are completely different matters.

  15. Nat says

    “@NAT, gimme all your online passwords so i can hack your accounts. it’s ok coz you’re prepared for this.”


    I don’t think you quite grasp the concept: you are responsible to provide reasonable care in protecting your identity and the information you transmit about yourself online. And that runs the range from not sharing passwords of online accounts to random strangers to not transmitting pictures of your penis to random strangers. If you transmit those pictures and are concerned about their publication, then you did not exercise reasonable care. That’s not exonerating Grindr for a basic security breach, but you don’t get to escape personal responsibility either.

  16. says

    just because the pics of you nude are available doesn’t mean that “people in your life” are going to see them.

    last time i checked, people had to actually seek out stuff like that.

    unless you mom and pop are daily purveyors of online nudes of gay men…..

    i hear you. you don’ want people looking at you naked. so don’t take naked pics.

    i posed nude for a book of photos by caitlin cronenberg.

    anyone can buy it. i encourage you to!

    unless you suspect your family and close straight friends to be on a daily hunt for nude photos of you i’m not sure why this is a legit concern….

  17. Rex Mundi says

    Good for you! I’m so glad you’re comfortable with being naked. But you’re obviously extremely closed-minded if you can’t understand why this would maybe, possibly bother some other people.

  18. Nat says

    “@NAT, fine, don’t share. i will still hack into your accounts and since you’re prepared for this worst case scenario, it’s OK for me to do this.”

    No, it’s not okay for you to do hack my personal accounts. It’s still illegal, and I would hope you would be prosecuted to the fullest extent. But because I take reasonable precautions, there is very little risk of a hacker causing catastrophic damage to me, either financial or emotional.

    I’m not sure why people still have to learn this lesson at this point in time, given the events of the past five years, but you always have to be prepared for the worst.

  19. sara says

    It’s simply an issue of privacy & that doesn’t depend on other people’s judgement on the activity. If Grindr said their app was secure then it should be secure. I’d be annoyed if my mail, Facebook or other accounts were hacked & flooded the internet & I have ZERO pictures of that nature.

    There also seems to be a lot of judgement about closeted people. Maybe they live in one of those crappy small towns where being gay will get your ass kicked everyday so they go on Grindr to meet other gay men. So What! Maybe they never sent any pictures but now it’s out they’re gay. I don’t get why this person or any other is less deserving of privacy than all the judgmental people posting here.

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