1. gaylib says

    I am so glad to see so many military people coming out of the closet in such a public way. It just makes it that much harder for them to ever reinstate DADT or a ban on gay service members. Good for them (and they are adorable!)

  2. Mark says

    Their happiness makes me happy.
    And hopeful.

    A gay, out, asian-american military couple…as James said above…so American.

    The world where this is possible is the world I want to live in.

  3. says

    Mark, the one on the left is actually Latino American, judging by the name on the uniform. But in the end, it doesn’t matter what their ethnicity. It matters that they are out – and most of all that they’re happy.

    And yes, they are both HOT!

  4. Lee says

    Let’s get past all the simpering cooing and the wet daydreaming & point out yet again that gay Americans should never have participated in the invasion of Iraq.

    Iraq was a country that was no threat to us, that had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks, & that had been contained successfully by well-enforced U.N. Security Council resolutions following their expulsion from Kuwait. The U.S. invasion of Iraq was an act of unprovoked aggression that was the most clear-cut war crime of the last decade.

    It is of no consequence whether either of these two servicemembers actually served in Iraq or whether they served elsewhere. If they were not in Iraq itself, they nevertheless provided backup for and enabled those who were. They are complicit.

    Now back to your morality-neutral masturbating.

  5. Matt says

    I know I’m being a sap, but this photo brings a tear to my eye. To see such a happy couple that is FINALLY able to show their love and happiness is just amazing and LONG overdue.

    Their joy transcends the captured image; I wish them all the best!

  6. jamal49 says

    This photo has brought some fierce tears to my eyes. God bless them and I hope they have the most happy life together as career military men that two people can possibly have.

    I feel so amazingly blessed to have seen this in my lifetime! God! This is wonderful!

    I hope everybody remembers to get involved politically this year. This picture and the possibility that it might never have been possible is enough reason to get out there and fight the republicons at every possible turn and in every possible way.

  7. John says


    (Lee, plenty of people would agree, if only that were actually the topic of the day. In fact, I think you’re in the wrong room. “Angry non sequiturs” is down the hall to the left.)

  8. Thomas Cardellino says

    Okay, now that it’s “His Airman, My Marine” just whom is this third party jealous observer claiming the jarhead as “My Marine?”

  9. jack says

    This is an awesome photo.I am an old gay navy veteran and it thrills me to see these two handsome young men being able to live their lives openly. The joy in this picture just leaps off the screen. The romantic in me wants them to have a long and happy life together.

  10. Rev. William D. Wilkerson says

    Joy Joy ! Thanks for posting – this is what the armed forces are REALLY fighting for; the right to love whom you want & be happy and safe in the process. It would almost be funny to see Bohner, Canter and that crowd tell these guys to their face that they aren’t worthy to serve…

  11. Blair Martin says

    Sexy f*ckers! Wooof! And… what would be even better? If the American Government decided to keep them at home for good or just let them “fly the flag” around the friendly parts… don’t need a coffin portrait and tri-folded flag to be presented to either of these boys or their families.

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