News: Mario Lopez, Hershey School, Fear Factor, Cynthia Nixon

RoadStudents at Western Carolina University defend decision to stage drag show to fight anti-gay marriage amendment: “We could open up a shelter for puppies and those who hate us would still hate us; that’s no matter what we do, drag show or no drag show."

Dingdong_lopezRoadMario Lopez dreams big.

RoadLesbian binational Delaware couple with two sons forced apart by DOMA: "Because of the Defense of Marriage Act, Melody is 3,500 miles away from me and there isn’t anything I can do about it – until DOMA is struck down or repealed – unless the U.S. government implements some policy changes to keep our family together."

RoadRick Santorum: prisoner of the gays.

RoadNASA finds 60 planets and 11 new solar systems in tiny patch of sky: "Our galaxy is positively loaded with planets of all sizes and orbits."

RoadGeorge Clooney planning master prank on Brad Pitt.

RoadOpponents of North Carolina's same-sex marriage amendment are hitting campuses Friday: "A voter registration drive aimed at defeating the amendment when it comes up for a statewide vote on May 8 kicks off on college campuses on Friday. Voters will weigh in on the matter during the state’s presidential primary elections."

RoadGerard Butler: Who's Brandi Glanville?

RoadIf Oscar-nominated movie posters told the truth

ShameRoadA banned poster for Shame.

RoadFear Factor episode features contestants chugging cups of donkey semen

RoadIn December I posted about the Hershey School in Pennsylvania denying admission to an HIV-positive student. AIDS Healthcare Foundation is still on the case: "Please join AIDS Healthcare Foundation in sending a message to the Hershey Company and the Milton Hershey School that HIV/AIDS discrimination is not acceptable. Send an e-letter to 3 Hershey Company Board Members—Robert Cavanaugh, James Mead & James Nevels—who also sit on the Milton Hershey School Trust Board, and demand that Hershey denounce this discrimination and facilitate the enrollment of the HIV-positive student at its school."

RoadEcuador to crack down on "ex-gay" torture clinics.

RoadFirst openly gay MP fights religious right in Brazil: "'These churches are advancing on hearts and minds,' said Wyllys, accusing neo-pentecostal preachers of 'demonising' gay people and the followers of African-Brazilian religions such as Umbanda in order to bolster their flocks. 'For a long time they advanced silently – and now we are starting to realise the political force they have become,' he said."

RoadRussell Crowe stands up for Ryan Gosling

RoadMichael Bloomberg issues 'Gossip Girl' proclamation.

M-courtRoadMartina Navratilova lashes out at Margaret Court: "You say it is a choice to be gay; do you mean to say you had feelings for women as well as men and chose men? That might explain your certainty on the issue."

RoadExplosive endorsement fight at WeHo Democratic Club between John Duran and Torie Osborn.

RoadBaltimore Archdiocese investigating priest charged with indecent exposure at adult store.

RoadUK survey: Gay actors still worried about coming out.

RoadHow Cynthia Nixon's gay "choice" statement might play in court: "Nixon, though, is framing gay rights in a new way. It's strangely reminiscent of the 'gay cures' some religious groups have promoted. They say it doesn't matter whether homosexuality is inborn. It's still wrong, in their eyes, and so people have to "learn" to change their behavior, even if they can never change their sexual preference. A desire to philander might be "inborn" or "natural," they argue, but it still has to be overcome. Nixon, of course, is on the opposite side of that same logical coin. Why, she asks, should homosexuality be any less valid if and when it is chosen?"


  1. Rick says

    Staging a drag show is such a brilliant way to win people over to the cause of gay rights, isn’t it, especially in a conservative region of the country? Good God. Just further evidence of how totally out of touch with reality much of the gay activist “community” is….and how much damage they do every single day to our image and our chances of ever being fully accepted by society.


  2. Paul says

    Thank you Martina! We’ve been saying that for years! Margaret Court is classic example of bitter closet case – you hit the nail on the head! BTW – without a doubt Martina Navratilova is the greatest, most exciting female tennis player of all-time. Court would’t even name my top ten!

  3. FernLaPlante says

    Rick, would you prefer they…oh never mind there is no use getting through to you. You are exhausting.

  4. says

    it’s true – there are no reasons to be anti-gay, only excuses.

    another fun reality – grown-ass men who complain about drag queen while they, themselves, are living Closeted lives.

    wanna change perceptions? Come Out.

    nothing more pathetic than an adult male complaining about drag queens when he himself doesn’t have the balls to live Out.

  5. says

    the anti-drag sentiments from insecure homosexuals are trite and tired.

    it’s like conservative gay men who blame “pride parades” for anti-gay bigotry.

    last time i checked anti-gay bigots didn’t attend pride parades. heck, you have to arrive EARLY to even get a place for a good viewing, you can’t just STUMBLE onto one! LOL!

    but that’s the thing – despite not ever attending pride celebrations, anti-gay bigots still say “i hate PRIDE!!” and then insecure homosexuals say “yeah…uh me too! so don’t hate me because i agree with you!”


    you can’t live a closeted existence and then complain that the Out gays aren’t doing things your way. you can only raise your voice to match theirs.

  6. Zell says

    Ok… well, I’m not closed at all, and I agree that a drag show in a conservative area may not be the best way to change people’s minds about gay issues. And I also agree that anyone who does think so is out of touch.

  7. says

    can you intelligently articulate how, specifically, drag shows are inherently harmful, Zell?

    because, just so you know, “Bigots don’t like them” isn’t a valid answer.

    you might as well be saying “blacks should try to lighten their skin if they want racist whites to like them.”

    just because someone has chosen to dislike something doesnt’ mean that their dislike is valid, nor should it be given any value or weight.

    “don’t piss off the bullies! do what they say and maybe they’ll leave us alone!” is for cowards.

  8. BobN says

    I don’t understand why drag shows seem to soften the hearts of conservatives, but they do. Look at Cage aux Folles.

  9. says

    something to keep in mind: the non-drag loving gay people of that town could very well host a “gay football game”, or something, in order to “reach others”…

    …so….what’s stopping them? if there are enough gay people who dislike drag queens so much, why arent’ they out there doing stuff to reach those “conservatives?”

    again, – folks complaining that other people aren’t doing the work that they, themselves, clearly have no intention of doing. useless.

  10. Rich in PS says

    ‘for shame’ – calligraphy usually means “beautiful writing” and I wonder is that a partial frontal or posterior ?? hmmm I wonder

  11. Zell says

    I have no problem with drag shows, Kiwi. I just don’t think that, in this case, it will do any good. Also, saying that the non-drag-loving gays of the town aren’t doing anything to win conservatives over is not a compelling argument. People are won over by meeting, interacting, and getting along with people whom they previously had pre-conceptions about, not by drag shows or “gay football games.”

  12. sara says

    Well I’ve never heard anyone say if only there wasn’t any drag shows, then I’d support gay marriage so the hyperbole of “how much damage they do every single day to our image and our chances of ever being fully accepted by society,” is totally ridiculous.

    The college says this is just ONE event of the day supporting getting rid of an anti gay marriage amendment. They say they’ve done a drag show before and it had over 450 in attendance & their purpose is to register people to vote who will probably vote no on this amendment. It’s seems like a reasonable event to get voters who are likely to be on the side of gay marriage registered.

    I’ll tell you one thing, if there’s no more Pride, no more drag queens & no more effeminate gays, they’d still hate you because you want to have sex with other men or women if a Lesbian. That’s what they’re against , not how much make up you wear.

  13. KP says

    This whole Cynthia Nixon controversary is just not dying down, huh? Maybe its a good thing – there needs to be more conversations within the gay community about sexual orientation and identity.

    I think the main problem right now with Nixon is people don’t understand what she meant. She didn’t really articulate it that well but basically she is not saying she chose to be a lesbian but that she chose to identify as a lesbian. She’s always been bisexual but when she was with a man she identified as straight and now that she is with a woman, she identifies as a lesbian. Theres nothing wrong with that – and because of the massive biphobia from straights and gays, I imagine there are a lot bisexuals who identify as straight or gay just to make their lives a little easier.

  14. Paul R says

    I really could have gone through my entire life without reading “chugging cups of donkey semen.”

    Martina is a charming, gracious, funny woman who gives to charity constantly. She’s been very kind to me twice, and I hardly know a thing about tennis. I never want to see a picture of that witch “pastor” again.

    People really care about drag? It’s been done for many centuries. Get over it.

  15. deppy says

    @Little Kiwi, thank goodness someone out there gets it. The only way to gain acceptance is through exposure. It doesn’t matter if it’s a drag show or a football game, people will learn to adapt to their environments and until we are a part of that environment in some way/shape/form, we will never gain acceptance.

    It took me moving away from the states, to a more accepting place, to finally accept myself because I finally went to an environment where it was in my face and nobody even seemed to notice.

  16. uffda says

    Obviously the only way to gain full acceptance from the general public is to be as exactly like everyone else as everyone else. Total conformity, or its appearance, is the only way forward. Real freedom comes from buckling under, hiding and utter disappearance (for all intents and purposes). Anyone who stands up and says I’m equal to you should SFU so that they have the chance to be equal. No conservative should ever be challenged, no Christian should ever be asked to examine his faith. Marriage equality should just happen.

  17. uffda says

    And Little Kiwi you are never going to get Rick to kiss you mouth to rudder unless you slack up on him. Talk about Rhett Butler and Vivenne Leigh! Just give me a camera when it happens.

    Seriously, I cringe at the thought of drag queens and their ghastly shows but a lot of people like them, including, especially straight young men. They get it all far better than their fathers did. In fact we rarely acknowledge just how hip and smart and “for us” a whole lot of straight men are. This is because straight young men or young-minded men completely get sex, let it in, and understand. They sympathise, in part, because they fantasize, just like many of us have about women. We don’t like it maybe, but we get it and we get what we see between men and women. Likewise, they get us.

    Rick is very right when he talks about a general join of forces with straight men. The kind we’re talking about are wonderful! It’s a total tragedy to my mind that more gay men don’t associate freely and heavily with straight men. They’re missing out on great friendship, great bromance and sometimes big, sweet surprises.

  18. Chris says

    So far, all the new planets found are well inside the ‘Goldilocks Zone’, as in not to hot, not to cold, but just right. Unfortunately this is a result of the method used, detecting them as they cross in front of the star and dim its light. Only a system viewed edge on would show up an Earth sized planet at an Earth distance from its star.
    The other method of planet detection, detecting a slight wobble in the star’s motion, selects Jupiter or larger sized planets.
    We still can’t detect Earth sized planets at Earth sized distance within the Goldilocks Zone. But if there are lots of planets, they must exist.

  19. says

    Students at WCU have hit upon the perfect way to open minds around the issue of same-gender marriage: Exploit lurid Gay stereotypes! Such brilliance just renews your faith in higher education, doesn’t it?

  20. says

    AMEN, Sara!

    When I’m in public with my boyfriend, we hold hands. We embrace. We kiss when the moment moves us. And you know something – anti-gay bigots don’t like it. Doesn’t mean we’re going to censor or edit ourselves to cater to their baseless dislikes.

    UFFDA, I’m not sure what “straight men” has to do with any of this. I don’t know any straight men who have a problem with drag acts. A good drag act is a good drag act – a bad one is a bad one. In places OTHER than the USA, folks, drag isn’t a big feared thing. It’s readily-accepted in the UK – straight men don’t freak out about drag overseas.

    RICK, just so we’re all clear, doesnt’ freely associate with straight men. RICK is still closeted, and doesn’t let straight men know that he’s gay. Therefore his entire stance is utter bollocks – he’s not out there representing gay men to straight men, he’s on here telling gay men how angry he is that he’s not straight.

    I’ve had many a straight friend join me in marching in the pride parades every year. my straight father marches every year. heck, he wears a rainbow equality bracelet every day at work to show solidarity with our community. Newsflash – the GOOD straight guys dont’ have a problem with drag shows.

    But it’s so bloody tiring to hear insecure self-hating homosexual closet cases come on here day after day proving to everyone how little they’ve done for Equality, because they’re too busy complaining about Other Gays while their balls are firmly in the Closet.

    There are legions of baselessly stupid excuses that anti-gay bigots give for their bigotry. They’re all preposterous and meaningless. The only thing more lame than the straight bigot who lists those stupid baseless excuses are the gay men who repeat them and give them weight.

    It’s like when insecure gay men complain about “Kurt” on Glee. Don’t complain about Kurt. Complain that Friday Night Lights hasn’t done enough to bring LGBT storylines and characters into the forefront.

  21. GregV says

    I cringed when I read the predictable mainstream news coverage of Cynthia Nixon’s claim yesterday. It went somethiung like this:
    “Gay groups are demanding that Cynthia Nixon change her opinion that she chose to be straight and now she chooses to be gay. Gay groups advocate the idea that homosexuality is a compulsion.”
    Cynthia really has given into the bigots (which she said was what she doesn’t want to do). She doesn’t want to be looked down upon by those who don’t understand bisexuals, so she chooses whichever label (straight or gay) she can get away with that will put her the highest on the social totem pole (as she sees it).
    The spin in the papers not only ignores her half-hearted clarification that she’s really bisexual and just playing with labels because of others’ prejudice, but also mischaracterizes “what gay groups want you to think.”
    Most gay groups just want the public to undertand the truth: Some people are gay and some are bi. None of them choose it, but if they could, it would still be a perfectly fine choice to mnake.