1. say what says

    Uhm yeah

    not hungering for it

    reality is bad enough & then to read/ watch dystopia stories BLAH

    I prefer my fantasy and sci-fi to have a more hopeful /better potential of humanity angle

  2. Dallas says

    Say what, the story is dystopian but the main character represents the potential for humanity to change course.

    She’s quite a good role model for girls unlike that Twilight “romance”.

  3. Jake says

    @ Brad, I HATE YOU for making me correct you, BUT I also HATE no-it-alls that aren’t capable of reading comprehension and retention of said info. Cinna was the stylist for both of them, HOWEVER he chose to have his assistant deal primarily with Peeta cuz Katniss was the one that required most of his attention.

  4. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    I’m not going to see. If the “tributes” were young adults over-18 I might accept as dystopian scifi, but 12 to 18? Too-close to kiddie snuff-porn for my tastes….

  5. Gregoire says

    Oh you people are no fun.

    I’m afraid that what made the book so interesting will turn the movie into a limp Twilight-lite.

    However, the casting of Hutcherson and Harrelson is great. I pictured somebody a bit more flamboyant for Kravitz’s role, but I’ll give him a chance.

  6. buster says

    @Jake, I HATE YOU for making me correct you, BUT I also hate people who correct others and then make mistakes themselves. The phrase you wanted to use is “know-it-alls” not “no-it-alls” and you really should say “know-it-alls WHO aren’t” (since you’re discussing people) not “no-it-alls THAT aren’t.”

    But you’re right about Cinna being the stylist for both Peeta and Katniss. :-)

  7. RonTEX says

    Can’t believe the negative feedback but obviously they haven’t read the books. Great story about the potential for humanity to be either destructive and cruel or it’s ability to change it’s course. Katniss as the heroine is such a fine role model for young girls (in this age of Kar-trashians) and Peeta is the kind of guy you want to marry, not just boink (we need more of these in the gay AND straight community). I’ve read this trilogy with my kids twice and they just get better. If this election is teaching us anything, it’s that we have to push for change, no one is going to give us their power without a fight.

  8. Lexxvss says

    Without any contest it looks like a failure of a movie. Because it’s about a reality when people is so much used to real reality shows with –purportedly- real dramas, though without that –apparently- compelling plot or life threatening situations. Maybe there is a surprise in there beyond the cheesiness of the often overused boring intent of trying to be a moral lesson using a shallow, black and white dystopia. Every age express their fears for the future under the form of a dystopia I guess.

  9. Henry Holland says

    As I posted in the movie roundup thread, I don’t need to see the movie, it’s basically all there in the trailer. Why do they do that?

    Buster = full of win.

  10. Adam says

    Jake & Buster, you are both wrong, all the tributes had their own stylists and prep team, Cinna and Portia collaborated on Peeta and Katniss’ costumes, but Cinna was Katniss’ stylist and Portia was Peeta’s, that is all.

  11. squeak says

    I had never heard of Hunger Games until opening Towleroad this morning. I’m horrified again by the violence and violent ideas that are staple diet in USA and I’m grateful to live in a European culture that is still heir to Humanism.

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