Justin Bieber Takes in Gay Pride in Toronto in 2006 Photo


A photo has surfaced online of Justin Bieber at Toronto Gay Pride in 2006 with his mother, Pattie Mallette. Bieber was 11 at the time.

Hope Carson writes, at Gather:

JB looks…somewhat bewildered by the sights and sounds of the parade. In fact, both he and Pattie look a little overwhelmed trying to take it all in. And speaking of Pattie, she looks almost young enough to be a teenager herself–more like his big sister than his mom.

Oh well, it's great to see that even back then, Justin and his mom supported the LGBT community. Interestingly, while fans who've seen the photo praised Justin Bieber and his mother for their support of gay rights, many beliebers seemed more interested in how much he's changed since then–a change that they blame not on the passage of time, but on Selena Gomez.

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  1. DJ says

    Pride there is a big deal in that city. Huge number of straight people turn out for the parade. I was glad to be there a few years ago! Felt really supported and enbraced.

  2. Stephen Q says

    Yes, I agree with you DJ. I have talked many straight friends in the past into attending pride…..and they LOVED it. It is quite an education for them. Every straight person should attend at least one in their lifetime.

  3. says

    Pride in Toronto is a great big popular celebration. it’s VERY family, actually.

    It’s all gloriously Canadian. Not surprising he was there. EVERYONE attends. And the photo is taken on Church Street – there’s no way one could “accidentally stumble onto it” – AT ALL.

    It’s the heart of Toronto’s gay village – to get onto church street one woudl have already had to navigate the crowds, booths, surrounded parade route, the multiple beer gardens, performance stages, and more. Trust me. You can hear the party from miles away.

    But this is very Toronto – we bring our newphews and nieces to pride ever year. they love it. And they’re gonna grow up to not be bigots.


  4. Drew says

    I’m with jomicur; this is practically a teenager and he’s appearing here for… what, exactly? I mean, he offers mediocre singing just like Rebecca Black, who is actually better. Please, make this a Bieber-Free Zone.

  5. Markus says

    “Justin is a tried and true right-wing Christian. Enough said. He should be singing on the Evangical circuit.”

    I agree that Justin is a little over the top with his religion but I don’t see that he is right-wing. He played a Tea Party Terrorist on CSI which pissed off the Tea Party and the right-wing. He supports universal health care. And he has been pretty cool towards the gay community. He did say that being gay is a choice but he’s young – he’ll get it. I believe he was raised to not be a bigot. The only thing right-wing I have seen are his views on abortion. But that I think is more religion than right-wing. He’s too young to be interested in politics. Most 17 year-olds don’t care about politics. I am liberal and not religious at all but I have gay and liberal friends who are. I don’t automatically assume someone is an “enemy” just because they are religious. That just creates enemies out of allies.

  6. jamal49 says

    Considering the gratuitous, unnecessary raunchiness of most “Gay” pride parades I’ve been to, the last person I would take to one is my 12-year-old grandson. Raunch is fine, but not publicly in a parade that’s supposed to celebrate the best of us. I don’t even go anymore because I get embarrassed. Oh, I’ve lived the raunch, mind you, and then some. I just think it is tasteless and very, very tacky to see men (and some women) with infantile needs for attention and validation flouncing around in g-strings and thongs.

  7. says

    Jamal, when you get all icked-out and insecure about it do you know what that says?

    it says that you’re less hip and progressive than my parents. who are in their sixties.

    if all you can see at pride parades is “men in thongs” then it speaks volumes about your own insecurities, not the content of the parades.

    so, congrats! you’re less hip, sexually liberated and comfortable with diversity than old straight people. way to be! 😀

  8. girlgermz says

    my daughter has not only gone to pride every single year of her life (she’s turning 12 this summer) but lived in the gaybourhood for more years than she’s been out of it. every age is an appropriate age for a child to experience pride.

  9. just_a_guy says

    So I wanna hear the dish about how Selena Gomez turned Bieber anti-gay. Details, anyone?

    Yeah, I respect the kid’s talent. Gotta give him that. But turn turn his back on his gay peers (if he’s done that; has he?) would be a sign of him turning into a weak, pathetic man.

    C’mon, biebs. Be real please. Show the Gomey chick the way if u must.

  10. says

    Waiting for Justin to come out of the closet.

    Maybe he can do it at the 2012 Annual Mumbai (Bombay) Gay Pride March, which is on Jan 28, 2012.

    The march is called the “2012 Mumbai Queer Azaadi (Freedom) March”.

  11. Jack says

    If i had an 11 year old son or daughter, i would not take them to a gay pride parade. Too many of the gay men think it appropriate to be half naked and dance and act in overtly sexual ways on the public streets. They seem bent on convincing the straight world that being gay is primarily about the body and sex. Sadly, i think they often succeed in doing just that.

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