1. Kevin says

    Religion is, apparently, a license to use physical violence and intimidation or worse, to oppress anyone with whom one might disagree. Religion must, one day, find its rightful place on the trash-heap of ignorant fantasies.

  2. Tom in long beach says

    The video is shocking and scary:

    True spirituality and faith that wants to better the world is never the problem. It is always people using religion as an excuse to hate…..
    “trying to ruin Hinduism” Now that is a new twist….

  3. classychazy says

    Kevin you are sadly mistaken about religion. It can be a wonderful thing! This act was that of a coward who thinks of himself as a hero. I do not see anything to do with religion in this deplorable crime. I hope he can salvage some of his art and I hope it does not stop him from creating mote.

  4. FunMe says

    f***ing coward … always hiding what they are: BIGOTS that have no place in a civilized society.

    So did they catch the guy who perpetrated this crime?

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