Madonna Discusses W.E., Family, the Super Bowl, Her Younger Man, Lady Gaga in ABC News Interview: VIDEO

And here is a preview of tonight’s interview, in which she is asked abou Lady Gaga:

More on this morning’s GMA segment:


  1. jason says

    Dear Madonna,

    You were one of the greatest hacks of all time. You plundered and pillaged other people’s images, particularly Marilyn Monroe. In fact, you based almost one entire musical phase on Marilyn’s image.

    Lets not also forget the AutoTune and alleged miming which you used in your songs and stage act. You were basically fake in much of what you did.

    I see, also, that your features are getting sharper as you age. You look like Cruella De Ville’s half-sister from Hound Town.

    Love, Jason

  2. says

    Dear Madonna, I’ve loved your music since I was a wee young gay lad. Ray of Light hit my ears at age 16 and inspired me to Come Out. Thank you for making music that gave me the strength and courage to Live Out Loud, in a world that still seethes with anti-gay prejudice. It speaks volumes that the gay males who intentionally make a point of not listening to your music not only tend to Come Out years, even decades, after your fans do ….but even more never actually FULLY Come Out. They still live with one foot firmly in the Closet. it’s a shame, really. Clearly their dislike of you and your music hasn’t helped them one bit. If only they’d take your music for a spin perhaps they could finally be empowered to stop living cowardly lies instead of authentic lives.

    Oh, well, thanks for inspiring me to be myself.

    Love, Ray 😀


    Of course she recognized the chord progression and arrangement she “borrowed” them herself from The Staples Singers…so choke on those hydrangea Vadge.

  4. Harry Joseph says

    Instead of all the Gaga nonsense I wish they asked her why she decided to chose to work with Nicki Minaj an artist who has HOMOPHOBIC lyrics (but now she is backpedaling to get the gay dollar)? Let’s be honest without the gay community she would not have a career. I would also ask her what she has done for the LGBT community that continues to support her in the last couple of years. Regardless of how you feel about Gaga she has been a very vocal artist fighting for gay rights and has vowed to never work with any artist that has homophobic lyrics. I would also ask her where her “it gets better video is and why when she chose to speak out about bulling on the Ellen show why she would not say gay or LGBT and just mentioned “all children” when it was LGBT youth that were the kids being bullied and killing themselves. I have been a long time Madonna fan but I will never buy her new album that features an artist that has homophobic lyrics.

  5. endo says

    I love Madonna threads because they enable Rick/Jason to manifest both of his personalities. It’s every bit as entertaining as watching Gollum argue with himself in The Two Towers. Preeeeeeecious.

  6. says

    Harry Joseph…… homophobic lyrics? are you referring to the Eminem rap in “roman’s revenge”, wherein he also raps about violence against women, physical assault and rape and thus is clearly, to those with a functioning brain, acting a role as a reprehensible sociopath in the song?

  7. MadgeFan says

    I just wish her response to all questions re: Lady Gaga was, “Who?”

    While I have no doubt she has had work done, I have to say, it’s pretty damn good work. She looks fantastic.

  8. says

    Is it all the face-lifts or is she getting more mellow? In this video she looks and sounds like a cross between Sarah Jessica Parker and Ellen Degeneres.

    I agree with Harry Joseph, Madonna always had a huge and loyal gay following but she never publicly advocated anything remotely connected with the struggles gay people face. In fact, I suspect that on a personal level she is not the gay-friendliest of persons.

  9. Christian says

    I love Madonna’s c*nty remark about Born This Way. Full disclosure – yes I’m aware of the Staple Singers’ song, isn’t everyone? I just love Madonna when she’s being her true c*nty self.

    As for the “what has she done for us lately” remarks I always hear…I never got that argument against her or any other artist. To me, you should enjoy an artist’s music and not judge your appreciation based on their personal life or beliefs. Art is different to me in that way. I always use James Brown as an example – great music, presumably awful person. But in the end, all that matters is the music. He was an entertainer. She’s an entertainer. If their music makes you feel good and you enjoy it, then enjoy it. You shouldn’t be made to feel bad about something you listen to just because it hasn’t passed the supposed gay litmus test.

    I get boycotting Chick-Fil-A and Target, you can get a chicken sandwich or a lamp at other places, but I don’t think the same applies to music. Just enjoy the music you listen to, it’s not like you have to pay for it these days anyway! The only thing you would have to boycott is their concerts and merchandise, if that’s what makes you feel better.

  10. says

    @ christian

    I did enjoy her music at many stages of her career. But it does disappoint me that she hasn’t been as vocal about gay rights (I don’t think she has ever pronounced these two words together, “gay rights”) as she has been, say, about George Bush or the Vatican. She hasn’t even properly acknowledged her huge gay following apart from a couple of very stingy remarks in a couple of shoddy interviews.

    Being much more business-savvy than Gaga, perhaps she understands that it is never wise for the career of a mass pop artist to completely identify with “the gays”. Perhaps Gaga will discover that the hard way, even though she is much more talented as a singer/songwriter than Madonna ever was.

  11. Rick says

    “In fact, I suspect that on a personal level she is not the gay-friendliest of persons”

    Most “divas” aren’t. Gloria Gaynor and Donna Summer were/are outright homophobes. Cher threw her daughter out of the house and sent her to therapy when she found out she was a lesbian (or whatever)…..and said “I just don’t get it” when asked about the diva phenomenon in an interview. Streisand always seems to smirk when the fact of her “gay following” is brought up in interviews and she dissed Larry Kramer openly over the movie rights to The Normal Heart…..and Gaga just tweeted her adoration of hyper-Evangelical (albeit closeted gay guy) Tim Tebow.

    You see, in reality, the diva phenomenon just consists of some gay men projecting themselves onto b!tchy straight women and living vicariously through them, IMAGINING they have some kind of bond with them or common interest and that somehow these women “represent” them, when, in reality, they don’t…..

    And, by the way, Christian, that should answer your point about why it is not “just about the music” with these women and most of their gay male fans…..

  12. Tagg63 says

    Oh Rick…Puh-lease! Chastity was in college when Cher told her to “get out” and she was back in the apt a few weeks later after they hashed things out. Chaz has been going to therapy for YEARS for his “issues” (read any of his books) and it’s not because it was mandated by Cher…lol.

    Btw: My love for certain female performers has diddly to do with them being “gay icons”. I would be a fan of Cher’s or Madonna’s regardless of their feeelings on the gay community baring discrimination. I just dont really care one way or the other.

  13. Ben says

    Good grief, some of you have NO memory or sense of history.

    Madonna was a HUGE advocate for the gays in the 80s, 90s.
    She’s just not as vocal about it, and other things, as she was then because, hmmm, let’s see, she’s got 4 kids and a bunch of other stuff going on. Just as many of us shift into lighter activism as we age.

    *digital eye roll*

  14. says

    it’s just so glaringly clear – the gay men who can’t stop talking about how much they can’t stand Madonna/Gaga/Cher clearly haven’t in any way benefited from their dislikes…i mean, they’re still cripplingly insecure about being gay.

    you hate madonna? congrats. and hating her hasn’t helped you get over your insecurities about being Openly Gay nor has it helped your dad in getting over his resentment at having to call you Son.

  15. FunMe says

    I used to really love Madonna and her music. But then she evolved into a boring person. I mean even during the bush years, she sorta tried to be fierce with some anti-war songs, but she was rather tame as she appeared afraid to say anything anti-bush.

    As far as gay rights, other than the AIDS Dance-A-Thon and maybe a few other things, Lady Gaga has done a lot for gay equality and has put herself on the line more than Madonna.

    Madonna doesn’t seem to me to be happy with herself, and I would think the later years would have allowed her to be more flexible with issues, but I guess her control issues continue to rob her of true happiness. Perhaps having a younger lover helps her to control?

    What makes me no longer like Madonna is what Dlisted said: her “pretentiouscuntanese”.

    Remember, just because we’re gay doesn’t mean I or anyone else still has to like Madonna.

    Peace out!

  16. JOE 2 says

    Cyndi Lauper’s activism hasn’t diminished with age. Also, re the chord progression: that chord progression is common to, I would guess, well over 50% of the rock and pop songs that have ever been written. If Madonna thinks she invented it, well, that’s just hilarious.

  17. JCMS says

    The Pot Calls the Kettle Reductive — Someone should ask the Staples Singers what they think about “Express Yourself” compared to their “Respect Yourself.” Then ask Debbie Harry what she thinks of Madonna as the “Marilyn Monroe of Rock.” Ask Annie Lennox about “Who’s that Girl.” Watch “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” from “Some Like it Hot,” then watch “Material Girl.” Watch Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis,” then watch “Express Yourself.” Listen to Barry White, then listen to “Deeper and Deeper.” Listen to Madonna’s lyrics, which freely lift lines from the Jackson Five, the von Trapp Family singers, Barry White, the Beatles, Cole Porter, and the list goes on. Madge is the Queen of Reductive.

  18. Rowan says

    I disagree with Rick on his politics but agree 100% about Madonna.

    And little kiwi, chill out. Madonna couldn’t care less if you’re stickng up for her. Use your energy on supporting gay teens who are trying to kill themselves.

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