Tennis Australia Distances Itself from Margaret Court

Tennis Australia released a statement clarifying that it does not agree with anti-gay bigot Margaret Court:

CourtMargaret Court has won more grand slam titles than any other player and has been honoured for her achievements in tennis and she is a legend of the sport. We respect her playing record, it is second to none.

But her personal views are her own, and are definitely not shared by Tennis Australia. Like the WTA, we believe that everyone should be treated equally and fairly.  We concur wholeheartedly with the WTA who stated that “all human beings, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or otherwise, should be treated equally. 

This is a fundamental right and principle, including within the world of sport.  Anyone advocating otherwise is advocating against fundamental and essential rights.”

TA does not support any view that contravenes these basic human rights.


Four-time grand slam doubles champion Rennae Stubbs says she fully backs activists showing their support for gay rights at the Australian Open starting next week.

Stubbs, who has been open about her homosexuality for six years, said it was only fair that people had the same voice as former Australian great Margaret Court who prompted a recent backlash because of her anti-gay views.

Activist groups are planning to protest Court next week at the Australian Open, with one activist calling for her name to be removed from Melbourne Park's show court arenas. She has said it won't keep her away.

For a recap of what Court has said recently, click HERE.


  1. Rob says

    In her distorted world view she will see this as terrible, and believe that her tennis accomplishments are being tarnished by “politics” – she won’t see that she used her notoriety to promote a view that is essentially narrow-minded, judgemental and moralistic (in the worst way) and that is harmful to people, particulalry those who have been close colleagues.

    Sadly, she will also try to play the victim card and claim she is being bullied. Maybe if she thought of it this way – Margaret, if you can’t stand the ball being shot back at you, don’t lob it in the first place.

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