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Governor's Introduction of Marriage Equality Bill Imminent in Maryland

Maryland governor Martin O'Malley is having breakfast with LGBT advocates tomorrow morning, after he introduces a marriage equality bill tonight, The Baltimore Sun reports:

OmalleyThe governor is expected to introduce his same-sex marriage bill this evening. He told reporters that the legislation will clarify exemptions for religious organizations that don't want to participate or honor same-sex unions.

"If there’s a difference [this year] it will probably be in regard to the respect for religious freedom and making that a little clearer in this bill," O'Malley said. He declined to elaborate.

Reports the Washington Post:

O’Malley (D) is scheduled to host a breakfast gathering of same-sex couples at Government House and then tout his legislation at a news conference afterward. Aides say O’Malley will be joined outside his residence by supportive legislators, clergy and labor leaders. Word of his plans spread as O’Malley prepared the formal release Monday night of his legislative agenda for the 90-day session that began this month.

Adds the Sun:

...In the Senate, a hearing scheduled on Jan. 31 for all bills relating to same-sex marriage in the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee. Testimony will be limited to two hours on each side.

In the House, the bill will be jointly referred to the Judiciary and the Health and Government Affairs panels.

Out Maryland Delegate Heather Mizeur recently posted a video of her speech to the floor last year.

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...


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  1. The Baltimore Sun says Governor O'Malley is meeting "some gay activists" while the Washington Post calls the same group "same-sex couples". We don't and won't win recognition of our rights until more of our allies stop thinking of us as 'activists' and start thinking of us as couples or individuals; ordinary people just like them.

    Posted by: Eric | Jan 23, 2012 7:45:24 PM

  2. Good for him! By alienating the religious fanatics and allowing them to opt out, Maryland citizens have no reason to say it isn't fair and just. And that will drive the religious nuts even more crazy because they will lose out on all that gay money that will be spent on gay weddings, receptions, etc...

    Posted by: OS2Guy | Jan 23, 2012 8:06:59 PM

  3. Please God let this pass so me and my man can get married and live happily ever after.

    Posted by: Don | Jan 24, 2012 6:48:06 AM

  4. Even with assurances that religious cults won't have to recognize or accommodate same-sex couples, they'll still be on the defensive making up all kinds of nonsensical stories and hysterics.

    Imagine if Maryland and Washington legalize it this year and then Prop. 8 in California is overturned. I'll be gloating to know that NOM's work is going to get harder and harder to justify their reason for existing. Oh sweet revenge!

    Posted by: Robert in NYC | Jan 24, 2012 9:17:25 AM

  5. I can see how some folks would see the "you can't stop us" as an "Attack". probably could have used a few better choice words; but I can understand where she's coming from.

    here's wishing the best!

    Posted by: will | Jan 24, 2012 11:13:30 AM

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