1. Eric says

    The Baltimore Sun says Governor O’Malley is meeting “some gay activists” while the Washington Post calls the same group “same-sex couples”. We don’t and won’t win recognition of our rights until more of our allies stop thinking of us as ‘activists’ and start thinking of us as couples or individuals; ordinary people just like them.

  2. says

    Good for him! By alienating the religious fanatics and allowing them to opt out, Maryland citizens have no reason to say it isn’t fair and just. And that will drive the religious nuts even more crazy because they will lose out on all that gay money that will be spent on gay weddings, receptions, etc…

  3. Robert in NYC says

    Even with assurances that religious cults won’t have to recognize or accommodate same-sex couples, they’ll still be on the defensive making up all kinds of nonsensical stories and hysterics.

    Imagine if Maryland and Washington legalize it this year and then Prop. 8 in California is overturned. I’ll be gloating to know that NOM’s work is going to get harder and harder to justify their reason for existing. Oh sweet revenge!

  4. will says

    I can see how some folks would see the “you can’t stop us” as an “Attack”. probably could have used a few better choice words; but I can understand where she’s coming from.

    here’s wishing the best!