1. JCW says

    “Being trapped in a cage one’s entire life can make one very hungry for small children”

    I do believe you just summed up the entire problem with the Catholic priesthood.

  2. cranky1 says

    For compensation, these animals should be allowed at least one human kill per year. I could think of a few likely candidates.

  3. David C. says

    I don’t think teasing an animal like this is wise. It is not fair to the animal. It is mean. Of course the children aren’t to blame. The laughing parents and adults are. They wouldn’t laugh if something horrible happened. And they would blame the lion no doubt. Shame on those adults.

  4. Tyler says

    I feel really bad for that poor lion. It’s being pointed at and caged – it’s just so saddening. It knocks the wind out of me.

  5. Steve says

    Look away, all you “zoos are so cruel” people. Zoos are an awesome way for children AND adults to learn about animals in a safe environment. People get close to animals and hopefully learn respect for the animal world, maybe develop a little sense of wonder, and maybe become inspired…to become a vet, a trainer, etc.

    In most cases, Zoos are extraordinarily humane where the animals are treated as royalty; with as close to a natural habitat created for them as possible.

    And if you’re gonna start hatin’ on zoos as cruel, put down your clothes, your toys, your technology, your uppers and downers, your medicinal treatments, your makeup and everything else. Like it or not, the animal world is used in one way or another to help advance the life of the human being. And that isn’t always pretty.

    Zoos? Get over it.

    Oh – and @JCW – thanks for the best laugh of the week.

  6. uffda says

    Steve@ good grownup comment, something like the same might be said of us who eat meat. It’s defensible.

    That WAS quie a comment JCW!

  7. elg/edwin says

    “Oh – and @JCW – thanks for the best laugh of the week.”

    JCW’s comment was funny but so very true.