Meet Rick Santorum’s Honorary Campaign Chair

Picture 32Rev. O'Neal Dozier is a nut. I've spoken with him on two occasions, most recently when he whipped into a frenzy the most acidic elements of South Floridian fundamentalism to support a teacher who was in trouble for dousing an atheist colleague with holy water. A few years prior, Dozier had attained a minor kind of celebrity for leading a mean-spirited campaign against the building of a mosque in Pompano, FL. He's taken public stands against pluralism of all kinds — including the kind written into the nation's Constitution, freedom of religion — and likes to claim that gay people "make God want to vomit." In person, he comes across somehow as both a smooth operator and as a rigid ego clinging desperately to an overheated id right at the trembling edge of total psychosexual meltdown.

And so it only makes sense that he's now Rick Santorum's biggest booster in the southerly reaches of the Sunshine State as well the honorary chair of Santorum's Florida campaign, and that Dozier's church, Worldwide Christian Center, was the site of Santorum's first campaign stop there this morning. Read all about it at Mother Jones.


  1. nick says

    I agree with David’s comment -kind of like Grace Jones meets J.C. Watts-another delusional African-American who believes there is a place at the table (not serving them) in the Grand Old Party of hate and intolerance. The kindly Rev doesn’t realize-Newt and Rick and the rest of the party would throw him under the bus so fast -he wouldn’t know what hit him.
    The Rev.- keeping Florida’s reputation in the spotlight.

  2. RyanInSacto says

    @JackFknTwist: God loves you, but in a gag-reflex kind of way, apparently. :-)

    Who knew that God even *could* vomit? Does God eat? If so, what does God eat? So many questions…

  3. Alex Parrish says

    I am beginning to suspect that Christianity is the largest facilitator of black-on-black crime in this country. Black churches and their leaders seem to host a disproportionate number of scandals, many of which are financial in nature (as mentioned in the article) and many quite sexual in nature. What will it take to get the IRS to take a long hard look at some of these “churchly” organizations and their schemes?

  4. Rob roberts says

    Reverand Dozier should thank God every day for the compassion and tolerance of others that allowed his ancestors to escape the bonds of slavery. His intolerance of others is sad, pathetic and hypocritical. This obviously flaming homosexual needs to come out ofnthe closet slready and stop directing his sexual frustration and anger at those who carry no ill will towards him and have never harmed him.

  5. says

    I was part of a press conference addressing anti-gay issues brought up by then equally insane Mayor Naugle of Ft. Lauderdale was was supported by this fruitcake. He was surrounded by men dressed in combat fatigues as the army of God. Name sound familiar? I then snuck into a meeting that this clown led and the homophobia was so bad, that when I left the room, I told the guy that brought me to this, “Let’s get out of here before I get sick.” A television reporter heard my comment and it made national news. These people are dangerous, fanatics and a threat to the gay community.

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