1. johnny says

    His speeches always sound good, but they enact very little. I did notice he totally snubbed an Asian woman who was trying to say hello while he was getting ready for a hugfest with Sheila Jackson Lee. Odd moment.

    @Bird: That’s some seriously offensive hate you have going.

  2. Dxx says

    Can we all agree that, while LGBT issues are important, the President has some bigger fish to fry, and that he will be able to accomplish a lot more in a second term, when he doesn’t have to worry about re-election, and that he has accomplished things for the community, and that making a Big Gay Deal last night may have cost him independents/undecideds, and its better to play the long game, as he has been for 4 years, then to risk his being ousted for and *actual* homophobe because we as a community continually throw our toys on the ground every time he fails to make EVERYTHING about gay rights?


  3. Matt says

    I knew he was fluff even before he was put in. Hilary would have been a much better president, but we got him instead. Considering everything he did in his first two years, he deserves the position he’s in. And considering the way he handled DADT, the only thing he ever really kinda sorta did for us, with him fighting the courts to have it preserved as constitutional, I don’t support him. He may not be the worst president we’ve had, but he’s certainly not the best, and certainly not a champion of us of any kind. I would go so far and be so audacious as to say that Bill Clinton was more gay friendly than is Obama; at least he had a spine and fought for us as much as he could. I find myself wondering if we would be in any different circumstances if Romney ended up winning, but then I realize, and this is what will cause Romney to lose, that he’s too much of a flip-flopper, so what he says isn’t worth much at all. Regardless, I’m cold to Obama. I won’t vote for anyone else, because I know no one WORTHY will be on the ballot, but I’m neither voting for him nor supporting him. He’s made his bed, let him lie in it.

  4. johnny says

    @Matt: Not voting lets an even more horrible alternative win. I’m not wildly crazy about the president either, but I’m going to vote for him regardless. It’s far, far better than letting another republican ruin things for 4 years.

    Inaction which allows for change is better than backward action which kills any possible change.

  5. David C. says

    When has a President ever said the word gay in relation to a person’s sexuality in a State of the Union Address?????? BRAVO

  6. Redebbm says

    Jeez a bunch of complainer on here, lets not forget the crazies trying to replace this guy. Instead of talking about the repeal of DADT, they would proudly brag about re-closeting gay soldiers and attempting to annul gay marriages. Fraud? Kind of a dramatic word for this Moderate president.

  7. Brian in Texas says


    Yes, the president who brought us DADT and DOMA was so much more gay friendly than Obama. He really took leadership on those issues! Someone is high on pant suits this morning!

  8. Robert in NYC says

    Matt, are you aware that Hillary Clinton is vigorously opposed to same-sex marriage. At least Obama is “evolving” slowly.

    So sit the election out and you’ll get what the rest of the naysayers deserve, a republican White House and possibly a republican controlled senate. Translation: DADT repeal overturned, no ENDA enacted, DOMA legal in all states, same-sex marriages invalidated, Roe v. Wade overturned, among other things.

  9. Jack says

    DXX: well said. Sorry, but I won’t fault the president for not making his SOTU address all about gays. The State of the Union is pretty crappy right now, and at this point, I’m more interested in hearing what the president wants to do about that. Everything isn’t always about us, drama queens.

  10. Draek says

    The fact that he mentioned “gay or straight” definitely includes the lesbians. Whoever posted this news article on Towleroad has issues IMO.

    Why can’t you take the bone that’s been thrown? Why do you ALWAYS have to complain that it’s not enough. Politicians are saying gays are like pedophiles, murderers, alcoholics, etc. President Obama IS an advocate for gay people, yet ‘it’s not enough’ for you?

    Seems there is nothing President Obama can do to please anyone.. No wonder American is in turmoil, people can’t even recognize the GOOD things anymore…

  11. Donald says

    “Can we all agree that, while LGBT issues are important, the President has some bigger fish to fry”

    Hear hear DXX, basic equality of all citizens is just a bonus, so many other items that are so much more important.

    I will continue to complain that it’s not enough because IT ISN’T ENOUGH! And if you choose to accept less than those around you then sit by and take the scraps that are doled out to you because that’s all you deserve. I deserve more and demand more.

  12. Keith says

    There’s nothing wrong for asking more, but Obama is the best advocate the Gay community has had in the White House. If you plan to sit out the next election because you haven’t gotten everything on your list of demands, I hope you are compfortable in the internment camp Romney sends you to if he wins.
    Regarding how much better Hillary would have been – move on! She sucked on the campaign trail and lost. Had she won and was faced with the same situation as Obama, she would have inacted a nearly identical set of measures.

  13. Dxx says


    Trees, Forrest, etc. He IS doing things for equal rights, but it can’t be all gay all the time. He’s got an entire country to run, one with a failing economy, an opposition that has stonewalled his every move, an ongoing war, and much more. Has he done everything I hoped? No. Do I give him credit for what he has accomplished for the community? Yes. Credit in the fact of the situation he faces? Definitely.

    Just because he didn’t lead of the SOTU with “GAY MARRIAGE FOR ALL!” and just because he’s tempering his response until after the election doesn’t mean there won’t be a response. It’s called “Politics” because, surprise, one has to act decisively in order to achieve one’s long term goals.

    I think the President’s tactics will bring much more than scraps, delivered to all of us, including those who understood the reality of the situation, and those who were petulant Violet Beauregard one-issue voters with tunnel vision.

  14. kpo5 says

    No issues with his speech. He said what needed to be said. No need to give the radical, rabid right more things to get violent and kill cats over.

    I am quite confident whoever wins the November election will waste little time taking one of the following two positions (and nothing in between):

    1. LGBT equality, DOMA repeal, ENDA, LGBT friendly judges

    2. “Traditional” families only, constitutional amendment against gay marriage, DADT reinstatement, a few more Scalias appointed

    I don’t care if you’re not thrilled with Obama. Voting against him, or not voting at all, works to set us back decades. Suck it up, boys and girls.

    Yes, the economy comes second when we still lack basic equality. GOProuders ought to be ashamed they make mention of a word pertaining to Pride. They truly have none.

  15. Dave says

    With the obstruction of the GOP, LGBT rights will inevitably move slowly. That said, I support President Obama in 2012 rather than a candidate who signed their name on a hate group’s pledge to remove the progress made thus far.

  16. says

    Is she? Well she doedn’t have a chnace in hell.

    I too was annoyed that President Obama didn’t take time out from rousing the spirit of the Americna people and demanding that Republicans come on board to work with him to point out how shockingly unfair it was for th Academy not to recognize the stirring perfomance of Micael Fassbender’s cock in “Shame.”

  17. paul says

    if a Republican wins this year we can kiss ALL our rights goodbye for decades. The next President gets to decide on potentially two new Supreme Court Justices….If the GOP get in there is no way on earth they are going to appoint anyone even slightly gay friendly. That means goodbye any hope of gay marriage, ENDA, couples will still be split apart by archaic immigration rules that ignore their legal marriages and a whole host of other horrible steps backwards. Obama getting another 4 years is crucial in so many ways all of us should be focused on that.

  18. It's just my opinion says

    @ Bird and BobbyJoe: You made me laugh out loud.

    Some people need to get a sense of humor.

    Obama made a great speech, and as strategy, he has boxed his opponents in. Very good, very clever. It does pay to go to Harvard Law. I’m glad he’s on our side. With Hillary right beside him.

  19. Chuy says

    Gurls, it can’t ALWAYS be about you!!

    This president is the most LGBT-friendly president in active office EVER! And I for one am thankful for him.

  20. Dastius Krazitauc says

    The lesbian vet wasn’t acknowledged, but the camera cut to her a few times. She looked dour and was chewing gum.

  21. Patric says

    Well said, Brian in Texas! I admire much about Secretary Clinton and her husband but Matt displays too much of the tendency of many of her disciples to fantasize that the world would be a completely different place right now if only she had been elected: marriage equality would be recognized across the land (ignoring the inconvenient fact that she doesn’t support it), Republicans would have laid down their arms and agreed not to filibuster DOMA repeal or ENDA, there would be peace in the Middle East and money would be growing on trees. These fantasies are always thick on bold pronouncements and noticeably thin on evidence; indeed, they tend to ignore all sorts of evidence (including the Secretary’s own words and stated positions) which suggest that the world would be quite similar to what it is now had she been elected.

    Particularly delicious (in its hilarity), for the reasons you note Brian, was Matt’s suggestion that President Clinton
    was “more gay friendly than is Obama; at least he had a spine and fought for us as much as he could.” Right, because signing DADT was so much more gay friendly than signing its repeal and signing DOMA was so much more gay friendly than taking the remarkable step (the historical precedents are few and far between) of refusing to defend it in court.

    Oh, but the best part of Matt’s delusions? Matt fantasizes that Romney, a man who once denounced homosexuality as “perverse” at a Mormon Church gathering, who fought vigorously to undo the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality and who has signed a NOM pledge obligating him to, among other actions, seek enactment of an anti-gay amendment to the U.S. Constitution, would be no worse than that horrible bigot who only mentioned the word “gay” once last evening! Precious.

  22. Brian says

    Have you people gone mad? The only thing that Obama has done for the gay community is not DADT (which whatever lazy role you all feel he played – he signed the repeal).

    – Signed Hate Crime Prevention Act
    – Same-sex partner benefits for federal workers
    – Not defending DOMA

    The list goes on. He has done more for the community than any other president. Marriage equality in his second term.

  23. Matt says

    I should have figured that I’d get lambasted. Bunch of Obama apologists. What’s pathetic is that you refuse to do anything but sing his praises. Vote for him, and see if any of your fantasies come true. What do I care if he gets re-elected or not? You say don’t get mad at him for not taking better stances, then go all crazy about how bad it’ll be if he doesn’t get re-elected. PUH-LEASE.
    For the record, having dealt with die-hard conservatives, and now die-hard liberals, I see that neither side knows what they’re doing. You’re both all too happy to pull the wool over your eyes and blindly follow either R or D. THAT’S pathetic.

  24. says

    <—- massive eye-roll at the miserable white boys who hate Obama. the people who “won’t vote” because they have some self-styled Issue are hilarious. you’re like the teenage girls who complained about the school dances every year but never joined the organizing committees. you hate Obama more than you care about LGBT Equality in America. wow. you’re so impressive.

  25. Tribute says

    President Obama will be able to accomplish a lot more for the GLBT community if he remains PRESIDENT Obama than if he doesn’t. To win re-election, he’s gotta focus on the economy, stupid.

  26. Michael Bedwell says

    “Equality is a moral imperative. And as president, I will place the weight of my administration behind the enactment of a fully inclusive Employment Non Discrimination Act to outlaw workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. …As your President, I will use the bully pulpit to urge states to treat same-sex couples with full equality in their family and adoption laws. … I will never compromise on my commitment to equal rights for all LGBT Americans. Americans are yearning for leadership that can empower us to reach for what we know is possible. I believe that we can achieve the goal of full equality for the millions of LGBT people in this country. To do that, we need leadership that can appeal to the best parts of the human spirit. Join with me, and I will provide that leadership.” – Candidate for the Democratic Nomination Barack Obama, February 28, 2008.

  27. radgo says

    God, just be happy with it. We have huge problems in this nation and at least he mentioned gays in a positive way.

    What would be better? no mention at all, or a negative mention like Bush pushing for constitutional amendment in one of his SOTU’s?

    I really don’t think we should expect several gay issues to make it into such a speech.

  28. Zlick says

    Sadly, I have to sit by and watch this election play out with no chance to affect it, even with my single vote. I live in California. There’s not a chance in hell it’s not going to Obama. Thanks goodness for that.

    He’s not the best president who’s ever been in office, but easily the best president since Kennedy (yes, that’s right, I remember JFK – that’s how frelling old I am). Of course, best president since Kennedy is not saying much – since there have been some doosie’s in office since then.

    I’m happy with Obama on some scores, disappointed on others. For someone who’s so gifted an orator, I would have at least liked him to use the bully pulpit to better effect. That’s been a surprise, considering how obstructionist this Congress has been.

    But even with mixed results imo, the alternative facing us this coming November is so odious, it’s absolutely imperative that Obama be re-elected. And though I’m not giddy with happiness about his second term, I’m certainly willing to double down on this president as compared with others past – many of the worst of whom have had two terms.

    But – le sigh – he’s going to win California in a walk and there’s nothing I can do to support his re-election that would change that result one iota. Nerve-wracking that it will depend on states like Ohio or Florida or Pennsylvania. Sheesh.

  29. J.J. says

    As someone currently serving in the military without ever experiencing DADT, I’m glad he’s my Commander-in-Chief. I know who I’m voting for.

  30. Alan says

    Oh please. Who sat down to watch SOTU only to hear the president say *gay*?

    This post is an embarrassment and makes us gay guys look like selfish, snotty-nosed, little b!tches. Get the hell over you’re damn gay self. Take a walk through a homeless shelter, go stand in a food aid line with the starving in Darfur, then come back and tell us how damn miserable you are because Obama didn’t say the damn *gay* word.