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Skinheads Assault Gay Men in Santa Barbara in Brutal New Years Eve Hate Crime: VIDEO


Police are seeking information on three men who brutally beat two gay men on New Years Eve in Santa Barbara, California, the SB Independent reports. The attack was captured on video and was motivated by the victims' sexual orientation:

A police spokesperson said the two victims were walking toward their car parked near Ortega and Chapala Streets when they were confronted by three men they had never met. One of the suspects made a derogatory comment and the three proceeded to punch the victims. One of the victims suffered a broken jaw and a severe head injury that required staples to close. The other escaped with only minor injuries.

Watch video of the attack, AFTER THE JUMP...

The men were attacked at around 1:45 am, and the paper has posted descriptions of the assailants. All were white males with shaved heads.

Said Police Chief Cam Sanchez: “Hate crimes like these will not be tolerated and those responsible will be held accountable.”

New Year's Eve Hate Crime from Santa Barbara Independent on Vimeo.


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  1. Furthermore, my partner and I don't go anywhere without ready access to a firearm. We decided years ago that we aren't going to tolerate being beaten or stabbed and left as fodder for the newspapers. It is our intention to NOT be a helpless victim. It is going to cost our attacker(s).

    Posted by: Bill Michael | Jan 5, 2012 9:40:12 AM

  2. Hate crimes has no boundaries it is everywhere and it is sickening! I live in Ohio I am heterosexual, but my father was gay and just like Jerry we lived in fear of idiots. My father had his car vandalized on a regular baisis, not to mention having our house spray painted, and bricks thrown throw our windows. It use to piss us off to know end when we would call the law and they did NOTHING! When my dad would fire someone he would call them, because he knew what would happen after awhile he stopped calling and started leaving his car at my uncles on those occasions. He went out and bought a gun after one of the bricks narrowly missed me while I was laying on the couch one night watching T.v. The next day he took me to a firing range and showed me how to use it. His biggest fear was he would not be home and someone would break in house to hurt me to get back at him. I was 14 at the time this was the year I learned if the law was not going to protect us we had to do it ourselves!
    Jerry I feel so sorry for you I think you should call the FBI and go to some of your town meetings. Let your elected officials know what's going on and let them know your a voter and a tax payer! Don't let them take away your right to feel safe in your own home. I would also go as far as letting the media know of your difficulties and tell them who the police officer was that responded to the call and make sure they k.ow what a worthless ass he is!

    Posted by: classychazy | Jan 5, 2012 1:48:21 PM

  3. Classychazy

    Thanks for your support words. We have done much. We have been ignored. We just can't get support.

    Andy, I posted earlier to thanks those who offered advice and supportive words. Any reason why my post didn't make it to the forum? If there is one, could you please let me know?

    Posted by: Jerry | Jan 5, 2012 5:08:43 PM

  4. >>classy
    You need backing/support to get the FBI involved. If we had support we would attend a Meeting, we have written elected township officials who have ignored our mail

    >>> classy

    We have, PGN has ignored us,our local papers have been contacted several times and we have been ignored, we contacted NBC 10
    Philly, they responded and they never got back to us, contacted our local TV station and never received any response.

    I have even tried to spark interest with Andy here and have never received a response. I also learned some time ago to take screen shots of request of drop downs and my post.

    Posted by: Jerry | Jan 5, 2012 5:25:13 PM

  5. SHAME...the Taxi dirver did nothing...the person filming the attack did nothing...what is this world coming to? I am bringing a shotgun with me everywhere I go from now on.

    Posted by: Jamie | Jan 5, 2012 11:52:58 PM

  6. I am muslim I served half my life in us military I was wrongfully tortured on us soil. where is my justice what about domestic terrorist that have authority in usa., are you okay with them murdering us citizens as we pay them with us taxes.

    Posted by: ALI | Sep 8, 2014 9:48:04 PM

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