1. HadenoughBS says

    I hope Moderator Juan Williams wasn’t surprised at these Southern Rethuggists negative reactions to his questions on racial minorities and America’s poor or to their cheering support for Newtie. After all, Williams wanted to hang with the Faux Noise crowd so he might as well enjoy his place there. And, as to Newtie’s responses, par for the course.

  2. TJ says

    Anyone who would believe gluttonous hog Newt, no matter what he says, is a complete idiot! He’s the biggest hypocrite, bigot and liar that will say anything to get approval and elected.

    Who in their right might would want THAT to represent the U.S. or Americans. He and his plastic Barbie wife. Nothing but PHONIES! Except for their trips to Tiffany’s, of course.

    Neuter Newt in 2012!

  3. Brad says

    Welcome to Dirty Myrtle Beach and the hicktown state of South Carolina. This area breeds racists like bunnies breed babies. But believe me, there are others here who try to raise the bar a little bit.

  4. Joey Y says

    As a gay man, I despise Newt, but as someone who has been working since age 15, and who is surrounded by people who didn’t and who have the worst work ethics I’ve ever seen, I have to agree with his point. I grew up poor, and learning to show up on time, show up at all, write a resume, and take my work seriously is the best thing my mother ever taught me. People who are age 22+ and getting hammered 2-3 weeknights a week and barely care about being there are wasting my time, and theirs, and the one common thing I’ve seen: it’s always their first job. Before you whine about sweatshops or cry “what about the children?!” note that I’m talking about people who are age 15 or higher working, not people who are age 10.

  5. Joey says

    This is why America is rapidly becoming a third world country. There are never any solutions to poverty just a few paltry programs and lots of rhetoric which tells working Americans that those that are poor are greedy, lazy, parasites while the oligarchy, who are paid billions out of government coffers because they write the laws, are lauded as job creators.

  6. Jacques says

    I thought it was shameful that they scheduled a debate on MLK day in the first place. Then, every time one of the candidates was given an opportunity to reach out to minorities, he threw red meat to the racist audience instead. I can’t tell you how ashamed it made me feel to be an American.

  7. says

    Of course there are more people on food stamps: they’re out of jobs because of the recession, brought to you by Wall St. and the previous administration!

    Were there NO non-white people in that audience?

  8. sarah says

    Yikes. Newt has this way of taking something that is correct in principle and uses it to overshadow obvious, glaring issues in our public policy. Like, yeah, sure, it’s great to learn how to work at 11. So what happens when the 11-year-old puts his own dad out of work for being able to work for $6 an hour?

  9. LJames says

    I don’t agree with Newt on probably 95% of his issues, but he was totally correct here. Yes, it’s not PC and it’s “uncomfortable” to talk about, but he’s dead right. Too many capable, able-bodied people don’t work due to a poor (or non-existent) work ethic.

    Yes, the economy sucks and some people genuinely need help. But what he’s talking about is generation after generation of families who live in foodstamps, Section 8, WIC, etc. And they’re totally fine with it. And his point is: they shouldn’t be.

  10. jakeinlove says

    I just can’t wait until the story about his daughter is found to be embellished if not true at all.

    On the other hand, although kids can work other jobs than janitorial services, I myself worked bagging groceries, I see no problem at all with young teens having a job. Make ’em earn all these Xboxes, and play stations, and expensive ass games to give teach them about priorities.

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