1. Seattle Mike says

    They left out one of the best ones. She makes some snarky comment to Mrs. Crawley who replies “I’ll take that as a compliment.” Then Maggie Smith says “I must have said it wrong.”

  2. uffda says

    Oh this was delicious…Maggie is the best, every nuance of upper class horror, disapproval, resignation and reluctant accommodation registers in her expressions and body movements, no words necessary half the time, just gestures.

    Downton Abbey rocks just for her alone. What a chronical it is of an entrenched era the death throes of which pave the way towards both the catalclysm of WW11 and beyond to a more emancipated world. Also worthy of note is that it does include a gay man and his loves.

  3. Ken says

    wasn’t there a line in season 2 episode 1 about Cora’s flower arranging talents?

    “her arrangements look like those in a first holy communion. In southern Italy.”

    Something like that.

  4. Den says

    There is an excellent line in the Christmas speical shown here in the UK – I won’t reveal the character so as not to spoil it for US viewers, but one guest says to the Countess “I’m leaving and I’m afraid you are unlikely to see me again”

    The Dowager replies “Do you promise ”

  5. caperboi says

    you know what bothered my ocd sense? The series is so perfectly period. the costumes, the attitudes…

    but the recent christmas special. the tree had modern minilights on it. it was quite jarring to see.

  6. kode says

    I’ve watched season two and you can most certainly call it a soap opera now. Season one was nice and fresh, but for some reason they decided to up the ante for the season two and make everything more melodramatic to the point where it’s almost laughable.

    I wondered quite a few times that the actors must have thought when repeating their lines of their now paper thin characters: “Oh bollocks, here we go. Well, at least we had a one good season!”.

  7. jim says

    I noticed the minilights on the xmas tree as well, but it was more than ‘jarring’! lol Someone made an amazingly horrible set-decorating decision. Highly doubt that all-white lights were in vogue in 1919. And it’s not like you just see the lit tree from afar, you literally see the unlit strings up close before they turn them on.

  8. Steve J says

    Dame Maggie is a phenom. We saw her and Dame Judi in a 2 women play in London. We were jet-lagged from SD but would stay awake to listen to the two of them read grocery and laundry lists. We watch DA for her character.

  9. Rich says

    @Mark M

    I’ll have to wait and see the episode. We had electric lights on our Christmas trees in the 1940s. I remember fondly the ones shaped like candles with fluid in the base and a glass rod in the top cylinder. The heat of the bulbs would cause the fluid to boil, creating a bubble effect.

    All of our lights were incandescent. If the description of these, “mini-lights”, meets the modern usage as LEDs, that would be a serious anachronism.

  10. Peter says

    Not the best editing nor the best lines, but Maggie Smith’s Dowager is absolutely the most delicious character to grace the airwaves in a very, very long time. Long live Maggie Smith the Queen of Attitude.

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