1. Stephen says

    I already live with something similar to SOPA or PIPA. I clicked to watch the John Stewart link and was given “This Content is Unavailable from your Location”. One of the joys of being in Canada.

  2. deville says

    I hope America realises once this bill is passed it will have a global effect, I am from England and people are outraged they even decided to take this seriously for a second, it effects the world, and America is just withholding the stereotype that it wants to control and dominate and meddle with stuff that doest concern them, I hope this doesn’t pass, because once it has, the world will just hate the country more than ever. Sometimes Americans wonder why the world dislikes them and this would be a good reason, just picture being in a different country looking at America , a place that is nothing to do with them yet is messing with their stuff because they passed a stupid law that apples to the world… people are pissed guys, GET THIS LAW COMPLETELY DESTROYED AND NEVER LET IT SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY AGAIN, not for the sake of the Internet, but for the sake of America’s relations with the world

  3. says

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