1. FunMe says

    I lived in LB for a few years and hated it. I thought, well at least there’s a gay bar that faces the ocean that should be hopping! WRONG. Saturdays were mostly dead. (I myself would drive to West Hollywood as well.) Sunday there was a beer special day, but who can go out on that day when you have to work on Monday? Plus, there was the fat sister of the owner was really bitchy. They certainly needed to do a better job of “customer service” instead of the family using the business as a way to have “power” or whatever. No wonder the bar was a bore.

  2. BobC562 says

    I’ve lived in the LBC for 10 years now, and haven’t stepped foot in the place for at least three. It’s current state is tired. Plus they at least in the past have had a door charge that would get you nothing apart from being able to go inside. It’s a great location, beach adjacent (including dog beach adjacent) and you’d think the place would be “hopping” as noted by Funme above. I look forward to a serious facelift.

  3. B says

    At one time, there was more action and better merchandise “on the sand” across the street than anything Ripples had to offer inside. Both “scenes” are gone now, but Tabitha is right – there are so many more options now. I know of no after-dark cruising scene in LB anymore, but you can go in broad daylight and pick up some random hot dude playing with his dog on the beach–and that is not a euphamism!

  4. Gianpiero says

    The only raffle I ever won was at Ripples. I won a turkey (!?) the weekend before Thanksgiving in 1980-something. They wanted to hand it to me when they pulled my number and I said, “Um, could you guys hang onto it until I’m ready to go home?” …Some good memories from that era, but haven’t seen the inside of the place in nearly 20 years.

  5. FunMe says

    Sounds like Tabatha already has dissected the business and identified the main problems. Check out the description from Bravo’s web site:

    Club Ripples, the first gay dance club in Long Beach, CA, is owned by couple Larry Hebert and John Garcia. Ripples used to be the gay hot spot, but now it’s empty seven nights a week and they blame the competition and their staff. Tabatha quickly discovers the real problems are John’s penny pinching business practices and Larry’s crazy club rules. To make matters worse, the bar has a bad reputation in the community and the employees’ suggestions are falling on deaf ears. Can Tabatha get John and Larry to change their stubborn ways in order to save a Long Beach gay icon and bring it into the new millennium?”

  6. lookyloo says

    I’m pretty much a broken record… but… Tabatha did the common thing which rubs me wrong.

    I really wish we’d get past calling gay men “ladies”, “girlfriends”, and “sisters” –

    Gay men are MEN. Gay women are WOMEN. Implying, even in fun, that one is the other is diminishing and the language bullies use on gay youth.

  7. kode says

    Lookyloo: yeah, I hate it also if my masculity is diminished to being a ‘girlfriend’, but then again I don’t mind if my gay friends use those terms. I suppose Tabatha feels close to gay dudes because I remember reading that Tabatha practically lived in gay bars in Australia when she was a child and had a lot of drag queen friends then. Perhaps she learnt the lingo originally from them? Or maybe she just feels like one of us because for some reason I think that guys she works with are probably gay 😉

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