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Ted Haggard and Gary Busey Swap Partners: VIDEO


Earlier today, I posted a couple of brief clips about the weirdness that was last night's Celebrity Wife Swap with Ted and Gayle Haggard and Gary Busey and his fiancee Steffanie Sampson.

Here's a longer video.


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  1. What a let down this match up was. I suggest Haggards switch spouses with the George Takai and Brand. Check the creepy pic of the Haggards in a hot tub (second photo down)

    Posted by: trent | Jan 4, 2012 7:13:43 PM

  2. We're a mistake celebrity?, this poor guy probably always thinks he's a mistake...

    Posted by: John Normile | Jan 4, 2012 7:16:11 PM


    I was trying to keep my lunch down.

    Posted by: Steve | Jan 4, 2012 8:10:57 PM

  4. How is Gary still alive? He seems to live on another planet.

    Posted by: Swiminbuff | Jan 4, 2012 8:24:32 PM

  5. I thought they were going to swap Haggard's wife for Gary Busey. Now that would have been a show.

    Posted by: Alpah | Jan 4, 2012 9:39:54 PM

  6. Let's see now: Gary Busey is a born-again christian. Ted Haggard is a born-again christian. They're going to swap wives (with the wives' consent). So, which part of "gays threaten the institution of marriage" and "marriage is between one man and woman as God ordained" am I not getting?

    Posted by: jamal49 | Jan 4, 2012 9:39:55 PM

  7. i'm thinking the best 'marriage defensible' swap would be with a much married lesbian buddhist couple.......

    Posted by: littlebadwolf | Jan 5, 2012 4:20:27 AM

  8. You have to love how they skirted the issue of him having sex with a man & doing drugs. I think his wife is an idiot! He is obviously gay, but can't come to terms with it. This is sad and so is his family for not acknowledging that he is deeply in the closet. I am sure he is still having affairs with other men he is just more careful now.

    Posted by: classychazy | Jan 5, 2012 1:01:58 PM

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