1. says

    So we’re subjected to an homage to Tebow video because he was previously video’d kissing a fellow player in excitement over a TD? Or are the lyric changes significant to the GLBT community? I only ask because I couldn’t stand listening long enough to figure that out…lol Also, I just really can’t stand the hype around that guy…and I do love me some Bronco football…just not the ridiculousness surrounding the QB.

  2. jaragon says

    That Pizza Boomerang is a instant classic! The lovely Mr Franco looks nice in b&w- the St Tebow Fire video needs better photos of his butt in motion…

  3. David W says

    Legalize marinara is hysterical. Pizza Boomerang is brilliant. James Franco just needs to come out already. And I won’t watch anything else about Tebow.

  4. Michael says

    Enough of this Tebow crap! Esp. on this site. His stats are hideous, only popular because his team barely wins and his religious views. Broncos barely beat the Steelers w/ a hurt qb and starting running back not playing, no miracle there.

  5. Triquero says

    It’s about time Crane, one of the greatest, most complex and difficult of American poets gets some of the attention he deserves. He is especially interesting in that he was very open about his sexuality in the 20’s and 30’s, not an easy time to do so.

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