1. princely54 says

    The ONLY generalization that can be made about gay people is they have an attraction to the same sex. That’s IT! Outside of that, there is just as much variation amongst us as any other population on the planet. IF we are to gain the acceptance we want in the societies we live in, we all need to rise above the easy/common compulsion to judge and allow people the leeway to express whatever attraction they might have.

  2. Ricky says

    I can’t wait for this episode. For all the vitriol coming from the queens on this site this episode has the potential to help someone that is probably not only struggling with their sexuality but also with their attraction to the unconventional. Go Justin and Josh, you guys are inspirational!

  3. Anonn says

    Being a few pounds overweight is more alienating within the gay community than being gay is within larger society.

    I’m only moderately overweight–not even a bear–and believe me I feel every day that my gay brothers wish I’d just go away.

  4. Brian in Texas says

    There was a True Life episode a few years ago called, “I’m Happy Being Fat”, that featured an obese man who had a chaser fly into visit and started a Chubby-Chaser group in his hometown.

  5. Howard says

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! As someone who is the chubby part of a chubby chaser couple, it doesn’t matter what anyone else says. We are both lucky to have found each other and our happiness is all that is important to us. There is way too much ignorance in the world to worry about what other people think

  6. says

    As someone who grew up in the MTV generation I have always loves “True Life” and the unconventional stories that they examine. I will definitely try to watch this. As far as the chubby chaser thing goes, I don’t get it/never have (and I used to be BIG) but hey, LOVE is LOVE and you can’t fight attraction. Just because it doesn’t appeal to you doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with the guys that it does.

  7. says

    I saw the MTV True Life with a big chubby and his muscle mary chaser who flew in from out of town to smash. My last boyfriend is a runway model, but I’ve been the chaser half of a chubby/chaser couple in the past and there’s a difference between attraction and fetishizing someone because of their size. MTV didn’t do a good job of showing the difference, so maybe they’ll get it right this time.

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  9. Kenny says

    I’m a gay chubby chaser. I’ve always been into chubby guys, and, well, I’m a big boy myself. There’s something that’s so intimate in a very special way about having my naked body against the body of another chubby guy that I’ve always loved since I first had sex with another chubby guy as a young teenager. It’s something I don’t get when a thin guy has sex with me, which always leaves us with fewer options and much to be desired.

    The first chubby guy I ever made love to was named Ben. Ben and I would’ve made love all day and night if we had the time for it. Having sex with Ben was great.

    There’s definitely nothing wrong or shameful about being attracted to chubby people. It’s just not an attraction that people often talk about openly, and so it is seen as a “fetish”. There are lots of chubby people, like me, who have very active and fulfilling sex lives.

  10. Greg Nicotene says

    I love the Bear community.. been involved since 2001. Not all bear are fat. They just aren’t in your typical gay stereo type..

    Real looking men not twinks. All the attitude and all the hair

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