1. Jason says

    @Kyle the little girl says they have to watch the video first before uploading it, to see if it turned out alright. The dad accepts and repeats what she just said.

  2. peterparker says

    @RICK: Why do homos love hating on Madonna these days? She was an invaluable supporter of the gay community during the darkest days of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. She lent her voice, her fame and her money to ending prejudice against the gay community and against people living with HIV/AIDS. But now it’s cool to try and make her new single bomb? Guess what, troll?! Madonna doesn’t need the money. Your attempt to get her single to bomb is ridiculous and pointless. Go back to the bridge you live under.

    @MATTSY and @BRAVO: No one has claimed that the dad is gay. This is just a video Brandon picked up off of YouTube. Doesn’t mean the dad is gay just because the video showed up here on towleroad.

  3. Ricco says

    There is nothing that says this man is gay. And why does he need to be. Children, and the world, need good fathers and mothers.

    Does he really have to be gay to celebrate with this happy family? Does he?

    Gay or straight, what an adorable man, and two adorable children.

  4. CKNJ says

    @RICK: the juvenile and puerile attempts to destroy Madonna’s career to advance Gaga’s are pathetic! Gaga does not have to exist in a Madonna-free world and vice-versa… Madonna laid the ground for many paths which Gaga walks on, and that is not criticism or praise for either, it’s a simple reality… they can both co-exist without the universe imploding! Both are great in their own right.

  5. Randy* says

    I’m so glad I stopped by here. Sure, dad is adorable, but this whole production illustrates a family that is not only talented, but who love each other. What a positive role model dad is for them.

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