1. Paul R says

    Carney always seems so unhappy with gay questions. So I’m always surprised that they have a Blade reporter in there. But as with Ezra’s column, talking about marriage equality in this election means the risk of losing it. So it will not happen.

  2. says

    I’m not too worried on this: no matter what, Obama will be FAR, FAR better on gay issues than any of the Republicans. I suspect he will push for marriage once re-elected.

    And OT: I think Carney is way hot in those glasses.

  3. says

    Unlike self-styled Conservatives, Obama knows the course of history, he knows where America is going, and he knows how history will remember him and his Presidency.

    term two will be historic for the LGBT Community, and for America.

    President Obama will not allow himself to be on the wrong side of history about this, as so many Republicans will be. But hey, we have people who still think of Jesse Helms as a great American. ugh.

  4. Keith says

    I know we’d all like more to happen on this, but do you really want it to be a campaign issue for 2012? That is the perfect way to turn out the right. As much as they dislike Mittens, they hate Obama more. Let’s not hand them another reason to turn out. Let this fly under the radar til the election is over. With no need to be re-elected he can take the gloves off.

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