1. says

    The Kreuger Nat’l Park footage between the lions, buffaloes and crocodiles is truly epic. This footage is out of focus, shot from a too distant vantage point, and burdened with user commentary and snark. I am a huge fan of all things Towleroad, but you really missed the mark with this dreary clip.

  2. steve05401 says

    Andy, I love your site. Have read it at least twice daily for a number of years now. Your interests roughly align with mine, and it feels like “coming home” to visit your site.

    But to this day, I *still* don’t get why you occasionally post gruesome nature-related things like this.

    There’s some neuron or something misfiring in your brain for you to think that the vast majority of your loyal audience has even the remotest morbid interest in seeing these things.

    Please. Just don’t. Of course it’s your site and you can do whatever the heck you want, but please. Just stop with this cr*p.

  3. Jazzy Jeff says

    I find the laughing really disturbing, a la the Hunger Games or something equally socio-pathological. It really bothers me to hear somebody laughing at the sound of a distressed animal. I’m sorry but you’re not right in the head if you find it funny.

  4. says

    I also find these types of videos to be very disturbing and heart-breaking. And although I scratch my head asking who could find them entertaining, my partner has a fond love for nature documentaries. The other night I even told him I couldn’t watch them with him anymore because I get too upset and that those shows and documentaries do nothing but show “animals eating other animals.” But, there is an interest for it; so continue posting them for those who want to watch them. I am sure my partner appreciates it. lol

  5. Hassan says

    I don’t really appreciate heavy videos like this either. It’s not entertaining for most of us, and actually disheartens those who are animal lovers. Before the red neck hunters raid this comment section and say “toughen up” or “it’s nature”….uhm, this is a gay site, on gay oriented topics (at least it SHOULD be)….nothing drives me more annoyed than seeing stories about Matt Damon’s abs, or Kim Kardashian, or animals on the hunt in nature.

    I don’t go to looking for the latest news on Miss America, and I don’t log on towleroad (a site that promotes itself as a gay oriented blog) for animals attacking each other.

  6. DanDaMan says

    I agree with others. Other than trying really hard to be cool, and a dumb- frat jock in college easily amused by anything, I too don’t get the point or relevance in the video. If I want footage into nature, I have a network to tune into t.v for that. That’s not why most of us log on here. Know your audience.

  7. Amber C. says

    Although, some may argue this is the circle of life and nature, I say to them, there’s a lot of messed up, freaky, nasty, flat out wrong things that happen in nature. Just because it occurs in the wild does not mean every specimen needs to be exposed to it. We all do some disturbing ‘natural’ things after eating Mexican (LOL especially at an obscure food truck) doesn’t mean we need to sit back and laugh at a footage of our bowel movement because it’s part of nature.
    I worry about someone who finds clips like these hysterical or funny.

  8. G.I. Joe says

    I don’t get why they’re laughing but the video, while out of focus, was very interesting. This is what happens to little elks who wander away from their moms or whose mom doesn’t survive: they don’t either.

    It’s very sad but that evolution in action. Conversely, maybe the bear or the wolf was a mother with waiting cubs/puppies to be fed.

  9. Miles-TX says

    Sorry. Animal lover here, have had more animals show me what unconditional love and loyalty is in my life than some humans I know. If towleroads going to turn in to a site about showing clips of animals in hardship, or near death- peace out homie. I’ll find an equally informative gay joint that doesn’t get off on animals in trouble clips from 18 year olds on you tube.

  10. Miles-TX says

    @ Amber C.: Amen! There is some really gruesome, disturbing things that happen in nature. Doesn’t mean the average human must learn to love it. Most would rather look away- which we shouldn’t have to do on a site I want my fix of LGBT news.

  11. Real Talk says

    I’m as laid back and go with the flow as it gets, and I didn’t appreciate this post either. Good for those of you who find enjoyment out of hopeless animals fightin for their lives, but damn, why do the rest of us need to see that. I know everybody suffers, sht that’s life but doesnt mean I want to see it.

  12. unruly says

    Hey, individuals that find these videos gruesome, that play button you see doesn’t need to be pressed! Hell, you don’t even have to jump to the video; just pass this post by.
    Andy gave fair warning.

    Nature is brutal and gruesome but that wolf and bear need to eat too and their food is elk. Grow up and stop being naive. I could do without the commentary (almost always in youtube videos) but it’s still fascinating to see how nature “works.”

  13. scott says

    I’m surprised by the reaction to this clip. Bears gotta eat, too, you know.

    What disgusted me was the idiotic laughter and commentary from the videographer. Laughter is not the appropriate response here. Was he stoned, or just stupid? Or maybe he doesn’t understand the difference between reality and the “entertaining” violence of a video game.

  14. Nat says

    “Although, some may argue this is the circle of life and nature, I say to them, there’s a lot of messed up, freaky, nasty, flat out wrong things that happen in nature.”

    It’s not really much of an argument, given that all life requires other life to survive.

    “Doesn’t mean the average human must learn to love it. Most would rather look away- ”

    “but damn, why do the rest of us need to see that. I know everybody suffers, sht that’s life but doesnt mean I want to see it.”

    It’s incredibly depressing to see how readily people want to block out reality.

  15. chad says

    While this is a distressing video of poor quality I think it has infinitely more value than those gay hating christian videos this site seems addicted to posting.

  16. travshad says

    @Unrully, This is a very popular and influential site. Alot of the readers care deeply about the site and have a strong feeling of ownership in the success of the site. This is a very good thing for the owner of this commercial site. He should know that promotion of these videos might drive away some of his customers or even just reduce their entusiasm for his product. His “fair” (cough) warning was actually just a little immature by trying to be cute, I found it disrespectful. I don’t find nature scary, but I do find it scary that some people are entertained by watching real violence.

    I have seen no one on here claim that humans should always get involved to prevent wild animals from their necessary hunting of prey. What I get from the comments is the objection is to creating a video, laughing at the animal in distress, and then posting it in my opinion for the sick enjoyment of the public.

    @Nat, I have no interest in blocking out reality. What I find depressing is reality of the number of people that are entertained by the suffering of other beings (human or not).

  17. Patrick says

    Lighten up people. This sort of thing lightens up the news streams on here…. they are probably laughing cause they can’t believe its happening!

    the wolf looked cool.

  18. RandySF says

    @TRAVSHAD, You’re full of it. Real violence? This isn’t someone attacking another person to steal their wallet. This is how animals feed in nature.

    This is something that all people should be more interested in and entertained by than celebrity gossip and other such BS. It is amazing to see nature in action and nature is violent.

    Grow up.

  19. Zyzz says

    1. C’mon. Bros will act like bros. “YO DUDE I CANT BELIEVE IT’S HAPPENING BRAH” /surfervoice.

    2. This is life. Get over it. I’m not ALLURED by it, but this is what happens. To everyone saying it’s gruesome and what not, are all too sheltered IMO. So what should we do? Save the elk, then what? Who’ll feed the bear/cubs? Circle of life. It is what it is.

    3. Why shouldn’t it be posted here? Andy does a great job of posting stuff that’s nature related. When was the last time you saw an amateur video of TWO DIFFERENT predators going after the same prey w/o all the SNUB commentary “My look at how majestic this creature lurks and preys on it’s blah blah” /britishvoice

    I ranted too long. >=|

  20. Doug says

    Actually, I really liked this video. i mean, yeah it’s amateur and not that well shot, but what an amazing natural spectacle to see off the side of the road. amazing. i like it when you post this stuff.

  21. travshad says


    I have grown up. I went through school and learned how nature worked to the extent that I need to know. I am not an adolescent boy who enjoys pulling wings off of flies. I am a mature man who does not find entertainment in watching other beings in distress.

    There is no question that this video shows real (as in not simulated) violence (definition I would think is self evident).

    Someone attacking another person to steal their wallet is as natural as the activity in this video. I personally would find anyone who found entertainment in watching either event to be potentially disturbed.

    @zyzz, “So what should we do?” – I would suggest those that find this video entertaining, examine what causes such a lack of empathy in themselves. “Save the elk” is a strawman agrument. I have not seen anyone suggesting intervention in this case, the concern I have is that this site is promoting a video that people seem to enjoy watching to see an animal in extreme distress.

  22. Lucas says

    Travshad, I don’t think people are entertained by this so much as just fascinated. Nature is fascinating, even the ugly parts. I personally love watching videos like the ones of the african serengetti (sp?).. it doesn’t mean that I enjoy violence. it’s simply fascinating. You people need to get lighten up a bit.

    I don’t get what is so sick by being interested in stuff like this. That bear would have gone after that elk whether or not someone was videotaping it!

  23. DRG says

    I do not think that people laugh or seem excited at clips like these because it’s funny or amusing and entertaining in a positive way…at least not all. It is interesting. It is amazing. It’s incredible. It’s shocking. These are these are all “states of being” that people have many different responses to. Some people laugh when they are nervous. Some people laugh when they’re scared (look it up it happens). I think what’s horrible here is people judging others that react differently to videos or stories (states of being) in a different way from oneself.

    As for the video, Clearly there is an audience. I found myself in awe of it (just like croc/lion/buffalo). I love animals but I love nature more and find it shocking and awe inspiring to see it in action. Others also seem to share liking this video. You have a choice to watch/read what’s on this blog. Hell, you have a choice to read this blog. Don’t try and change the blogger because you don’t react and like all the same things. Isn’t that what religious, homophobic, and intolerant people do to us every day? Quit being close minded and hypocritical. If you can’t watch this stuff, do like Dr. @DR Christopher Blackwell and don’t watch it.

  24. travshad says

    I of course could choose not to watch/read what’s on this blog, I can chose not come back to the blog at all. I can choose not to eat a Chick-fil-a because of their anti-gay activities without telling them this is the reason, but then I have accomplished little to nothing. This is a commercial site that provides income for the owner. I would assume that the owner is good businessman and is very interested in what his customers want to see on the site. People should let him know so he can be responsive to their needs. There are many other sites competing for our attention, if people don’t let him know their objections he can’t continue to serve the needs of his readers.

    I believe people have the right to complain, protest (et al) anything they want (with reasonable limits). I think that is one of our country’s founding principles. I support religious, homophobic, and intolerant people’s right to criticize my activities, beliefs, etc (again with reasonable limits). I generally support their right to try to save my soul, and I support my right to tell them they are delusional (or maybe something more polite). I even support your right to encourage and approve of these types of videos and of this site actually posting these videos if that is the owner’s wish. That is not close minded. But I don’t support right to not be criticized or judged based on these actions.

    It is appropriate to judge people based on their actions even if they logically follow from their innate reactions (regardless of their state of being). If a person’s reaction to seeing a video of two men is revulsion that would not excuse them from criticism if they posted on line that the image was disgusting. This hypothetical person’s actions in posting about their reaction to the video would provide me with valid information on judging the character of that poster. My innate reaction to this video is revulsion and my previous posts should provide you good information on judging my character even in this limited forum. I take no objection to you judging me based upon my choice to post on this topic (and my underlying belief structure expressed in these posts). I tend only object to judgments deriving from assumptions related to un-chosen statuses (sexuality, nationality, etc.).

    I believe that people who are entertained by these videos lack empathy or are possibly in some other way disturbed. At the very least these people would be at a pre-conscious or unconscious state of being. I see no benefit in promoting these types of videos, and it upsets my ethical self-view to support a site that promotes these videos. I generally find visiting this site worthwhile, but with the promotion of these types of videos it is sometimes hard to justify supporting this site. I of course understand that I am just one visitor and my actions will have no direct impact on the site. But I think is good for the site for the owner to know, if I chose not to return, why I made that choice.

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