Posts from February 5, 2012

Praying The Gay Out Of Bangor (UPDATED)


American Christianists have become very skilled at euphemizing their desire to pray the gay away. See the verbiage coming out of Portland, ME, where Bishop Dick Malone has announced the formation of a chapter of "Courage," the worldwide Cat…

Rep. Jim Splaine Defends Equality


In an excellent editorial published today in the Sea Coast Online, gay New Hampshire State Rep. Jim Splaine demolishes one of the most common attacks on marriage equality mounted by bigots in his home state: That marriage equality was forced upon New…

Lesbian Mothers Of The Golden Orchid Society


I never learned about the same-sex marriages of the Golden Orchid Society when I was growing up, and I bet you didn't either. Now, thanks to Rainbow Rumpus, plenty will. According to a just-published essay at Rainbow Rumpus, the online magazine f…

Episcopals For Marriage Equality In Washington


As the Washington State Senate voted in favor of marriage equality on Wednesday, it had the vocal support of a senior member of the Episcopal clergy. Earlier this week, the Rt. Rev. Greg Rickel, VIII Bishop of Olympia, posted the following to his blo…