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A Marine Comes Home


Above: A pic of the homecoming of Brandon Morgan, of the United States Marines Corps, posted to the Gay Marines Facebook page yesterday. It's now got 1,000 comments and 800 shares. 

The Marines involved are Morgan and Dalan Wells.

Thanks to Joe.My.God for forwarding it along. He's also found this statement, from Mr. Morgan's own Facebook page:

To everyone who has responded in a positive way. My partner and I want to say thank you. Dalan, the giant in the photo, can't believe how many shares and likes we have gotten on this. We didn't do this to get famous,or something like that we did this cause after 3 deployments and four years knowing each other, we finally told each other how we felt. As for the haters, let em quote Kat Williams, everyone needs haters, so let them hate. We are the happiest we have ever been and as for the whole PDA and kissing slash hugging in was a homecoming, if the Sergeants Major, Captains, Majors, and Colonels around us didn't care...then why do you care what these random people have to say? In summation thank you for your love and support. I received a lot of friend requests off this. I don't just accept requests so if your request was because of this post message me and let me know. Goodnight all, and Semper Fi." --Brandon Morgan

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  1. Keep us posted Daylan, we want to know how the next few days are going to look, and I'm sure that a lot of us would love to see a few more pictures of you two. Your picture is now famous... because it should be.

    Posted by: uffda | Feb 26, 2012 9:56:46 PM

  2. Hey as long as they are happy that is what counts and there are to many people unhappy in the world anymore so you don/t like it to bad I hope you both stay happy for many years I have my nephew is gay and very happy they got married and have 2 kids they could not ask for a happier life so good luck

    Posted by: Donna | Feb 26, 2012 10:26:31 PM

  3. Dalan, you both are awesome! The picture made my day! BTW, anyone ever tell you that you look a little like channing tatum from your profile?

    Posted by: terry | Feb 26, 2012 10:46:58 PM

  4. Thanks for posting this moment in life. Believe it or not it matters and it helps. Besides showing that 2 men can and do love each other it shows the world that we want the same as everyone else, the opportunity to have that love.

    Thank Brandon for us, we appreciate his service

    Posted by: GeorgeM | Feb 26, 2012 10:52:12 PM

  5. Thank you, Dalan; you and Brandon made my day! Sincere best wishes for you both. And I agree with UFFDA. Your photo should be famous.

    Posted by: TJ | Feb 26, 2012 10:57:12 PM

  6. God, that is adorable. It'd take a whole lot of kitten pics to equal one of these.

    Posted by: piminnowcheez | Feb 27, 2012 12:35:44 AM

  7. Dalan - Thanks to you and Brandon for sharing this beautiful image (even if the sharing was so unexpectedly viral). Good luck to you both in your coming move.

    Posted by: MrRoboto | Feb 27, 2012 12:52:34 AM

  8. So neat,I turned it into tiled wallpaper on my computer monitor. I needed to remember this day that I never thought I would live to see. Congratulations to both of you. May your lives be long and filled with love and hopefully at least two kids saved from the haters and other evils of society.

    Posted by: vanndean | Feb 27, 2012 1:45:18 AM

  9. I just love this picture love knows no Gender happy for those two amazing men:))xxx

    Posted by: yvonne breevaart | Feb 27, 2012 5:09:49 AM

  10. what a great photo....passionate and loving...two separated by war now reunited...exceptionally beautiful.....congrats guys..the best to you all

    Posted by: William Lugger | Feb 27, 2012 11:12:18 AM

  11. Semper Fi!

    Posted by: John H | Feb 27, 2012 12:21:35 PM

  12. UN-BUL-EVIL-BULL. BIG hot Marine with bigger hot Marine. Where were they when I was stuck in 29 stumps for 3 years.

    Posted by: Steve J | Feb 27, 2012 12:43:01 PM

  13. In case anyone is worried about my above comment it's good.... I remember when my husband was investigated by NIS for making sexual phone calls to a mutual friend who was a civilian female who just happened to be lesbian. He couldn't use his best defense that he was married to her best friend. Me. She at least told NIS off like any good lesbian would.

    Posted by: Steve J | Feb 27, 2012 12:46:34 PM

  14. Congratulations to Dalan and his partner. But I have to say it is a little bit funny to me to see this pose with two men...Do I have internalized homophobia? Towleroad usually has some dissenters in comments section, can't believe how uniform the reaction is...

    Posted by: Scrooge | Feb 27, 2012 1:18:09 PM

  15. Well I for one hear nothing but Satan laughing. It's sodomy I tell you, sodomy! Sin, seduction and perdition. My cane is shaking. Officer. Officer. Arrest those men. Those men with their sin juices stirring. Soon there'll be spots right there on the American flag, with women and children nearby scandalized, horrified, traumatized. Report them, deport them, just DO something. Cordon off the place. Draw a curtain. Put holes in it...

    Posted by: uffda | Feb 27, 2012 2:16:07 PM

  16. Here, here. Right attitude. If the guys (and gals) he works with everyday don't care, then why should anybody that doesn't even know him (or them).

    Posted by: SFRowGuy | Feb 27, 2012 3:00:04 PM

  17. "Why is this picture being posted on a gay blog but not in the mainstream media like the kiss between the two women was for the Navy homecoming a month ago? Typical double standard.

    The liberal mainstream media clearly avoids pictures of two men kissing but seems to be more attracted to two women kissing, giving the latter more publicity."

    It's all over the mainstream media today, Jason, so your theory doesn't completely hold water.

    And, thanks, Dalan, for commenting. A treat for us. Hope the surprise attention continues to contain a lot of support. You guys deserve it. Best wishes!

    Posted by: Ernie | Feb 27, 2012 5:00:39 PM

  18. All I could think when I saw this pic is "guess we know who the bottom is in that relationship"!

    Posted by: silly me | Feb 27, 2012 7:31:54 PM

  19. Can you just imagine how hot it was at there house that night? Good for them hope they have many happy years.

    Posted by: ThomT | Feb 27, 2012 9:36:39 PM

  20. The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times newspapers have apparently refused to publish this photo. Yet, they were amongst the first to publish the photo of the two women kissing at the Navy homecoming a couple of months back.

    Interesting, isn't it?

    Posted by: Bruce | Feb 28, 2012 7:30:25 AM

  21. Gross!!! Get some morals!!

    Posted by: David Franklin | Feb 29, 2012 8:03:17 AM

  22. Being gay goes against God, my morals, and nature!!! You gays are destroying the fabric of humanity. Instead of a national coming out day u need to have a national get back straight day!!!

    Posted by: David Franklin | Feb 29, 2012 8:10:29 AM

  23. I LOVE THIS PHOTO! all our friends shared it with each other on facebook and everyone was VERY touched by it. It's moving, powerful and pure love. Please never make apologies for who you inherently are. Your role in this world is not to live your ONE (short)life for the comfort level of others...your purpose in life is to live it for YOUR happiness.

    Christian talibans are fundementalist who need to be ignored, as they are no different than the most militant extremist in the middle east. Let the Bible thumpers scream themselves into a heartattack. You two are a beautiful couple! and millions of us are standing by you side by side.

    Posted by: Kyle L. | Mar 2, 2012 2:16:42 PM

  24. Photos like this will inspire gay youth to realize it truly does get better! Thank you for this brave couple for being HONEST and true about who they are in life. It is a great testimony for equality and love.

    Posted by: Michelle | Mar 2, 2012 2:17:46 PM

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