Adam Lambert is Reportedly Queen’s New Frontman

The UK's Daily Star is reporting Adam Lambert has confirmed that he is going to be joining Queen as its frontman this year.

A_lambertSaid Lambert: “After the EMAs, I heard faint little slithers of a backlash from people saying: ‘You can’t replace Freddie Mercury.’ But I already knew that. There’s no intention in my mind of replacing Freddie. That’s impossible. The way I’m choosing to view it is that it’s a great honour and one I’m in no way going to shirk… Being asked to front Queen is the best thing that can possibly happen."

DAtes included in Lambert's tour with Brian May and Roger Taylor include the Sonisphere Festival and a date at Knebworth in England, where Queen played their final gig with Freddie Mercury in 1986. Mercury died in 1991.


  1. Rod says

    I think this is a great match. Adam Lambert will bring his own interpretation, and not just mimic Freddy. I wish I could see one of his performances with Queen

  2. LiamB says

    Actually this isn’t that accurate. He is doing a couple of one offs with them. Both Adam and Brian said it was nothing more than one or two performances, no tour.

  3. says

    No matter what, it is good for Adam and for Queen. I saw/heard a recent performance where Adam joined the band and it was outstanding. True, no one could replace Freddie but Adam has a great voice, is openly and unabashedly gay and is a great performer and fine singer. I like his new video release – how does he hit those high notes like that? He’s good looking and maturing into the music world nicely.

  4. brenda says

    Those thinking it’s a bad idea please check out the video from the EMA’s. It was an incredible performance. And, this isn’t a permanent thing or even a tour. If this rumor is true it’s most likely a weekend of performances at a festival. Once again, the press is running with a rumor.

  5. Tarc says

    Adam’s solo work has been excelent so far, and I like he seems to be dropping the pseudo-drag. He’s pretty much perfect to do a year fronting Queen. (And, I have to ask, why would Queen hire a sound alike? They already had the original, and a sound alike would not only be inferior, but kinda creepy and traitorous. Better a vocalist with their own identity.)

  6. Henry Holland says

    “Better a vocalist with their own identity”

    Have you heard the stuff with Paul Rogers? Great singer in the British blues tradition but the totally wrong voice for Queen. Why not hire someone that can hit Freddie’s high notes?

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