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Sheriff Paul Babeu Talks to CNN About Gay Rights, His Ex-Boyfriend's Allegations, His Relationship Status: VIDEO


Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff and Republican congressional candidate Paul Babeu did a lengthy interview this afternoon with CNN's Wolf Blitzer about the Mexican ex-boyfriend whose allegations of threats involving their relationship forced Babeu to come out of the closet over the weekend.

The full interview is about 10 minutes longer than this clip, which came near the end of it. Blitzer asks Babeu, since he now "openly gay", what his thoughts are about gay marriage and whether he might now join the Log Cabin Republicans.

Babeu says he "goes all Ron Paul" when it comes to gay marriage and says it's an issue that should be left up to the states. It's unclear whether he knows what the Log Cabin Republicans are, but replies "I'm sure" when asked if he would get involved with them. Blitzer also asks him if he's seeing anyone at the moment.

That clip, along with one about the allegations being made by his ex-boyfriend and another on his decision to leave the Romney campaign follow below.

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One more clip:

And another:

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  1. <---proposes polygamous gaymarriage to david ehrenstein

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Feb 20, 2012 7:57:39 PM

  2. "How do you explain a man who bashes immigrants with his hand even as he mounts them with his penis?"

    Illegal aliens are not "immigrants." They are lawbreakers. PERIOD. And should be treated as such.

    None of which, however, has anything to do with sex or sexual attraction, which is the most irrational impulse known to man and is resistant to any kind of reason. (We all know that you would drop to your knees in a nanno-second if Tim Tebow were standing naked in front of you in his jockstrap....despite his Religious Right associations, don't we David? Come on, be totally honest about it--and what is the difference between that and the sherriff purportedly banging the illegal butt-boy?)

    As for GOProud, I don't really like them, but it is extremists like you who have created extremists like them. Extremism begets extremism.....and that is why our whole political system is broken......because the Far Left and the Far Right refuse to be reasonable and each simply reacts to the other by opposing every thing the other favors and vice-versa.

    It is gridlock and it is destroying our entire country.....and obviously beginning to destroy our community, as well.

    Posted by: Rick | Feb 20, 2012 8:05:30 PM

  3. Rick,

    You really are ignorant if you believe anti-discrimination laws are not not enforced. There are many companies that have been on the receiving end of discrimination lawsuits that have had to pay out large settlements.

    As for you misguided belief that being only being a "sissy" will lead to abuse or discrimination you're living in a bubble or dream world. I'm sure all of those macho military personnel who were kicked out of the Armed Force over the years would disagree with you.

    Also, no one is going to disagree that there aren't homophobes in the Democratic party, however, they don't control it. You don't see Democrats, on average, leading the charge against gay rights. Democrats have not been the ones to propose anti-gay legislative measures.

    As for this sheriff, he was closeted until such as he was forced out by circumstances beyond his control. In Arizona, according published reports, the GOP is controlled by anti-gay evangelicals and Mormons. His hopes of higher office are over.

    Posted by: Marshall | Feb 20, 2012 8:07:13 PM

  4. i wouldn't touch tim tebow with a ten-foot cock.

    hey ricky, where's the URL to your own page where you show us all what a strong maculine gay male role model you are?

    prove it, wimp :D

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Feb 20, 2012 8:08:41 PM

  5. i couldn't date a gay republican.

    call me crazy, but i like my man to actually have balls.
    i'm a ball man!

    there's nothing more of a turn-off than some coward who sucks up to the right wing. major boner shrinker.

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Feb 20, 2012 8:12:11 PM

  6. He's going to use his moment in the spotlight as much as possible to further his campaign. He was posting inappropriate photos of himself online, and yet he is a Republican office holder and is running for another office. Didn't we just have an amazingly progressive, Democratic congressman resign for posting inappropriate photos? Umm... hypocrisy?

    Posted by: JC | Feb 20, 2012 8:16:16 PM

  7. And there are some people - and some of them gay - who don't believe the government should... be able to decree a crime... more serious if motivated by a minority group (blah blah blah).

    Because the extra harm and intimidation that extends to the group as a whole through an act against an individual that was perpetrated simply because that person belongs to the group and draws breath is in no way particularly and additionally heinous. No big whoop. No more noteworthy than stealing that person's hubcaps.

    RICK - still an idiot!

    Posted by: TJ | Feb 20, 2012 8:22:21 PM

  8. Little Kiwi, you are a little too invested in this story. Relax.

    Posted by: MC | Feb 20, 2012 8:23:15 PM

  9. JC, allow me to introduce you to an acronym that our gal Rachel Maddow coined: IOKIYAR. It's OK if you are Republican. This can now be used as convenient shorthand for the standard hypocrisy that Republicans commit on a day-to-day basis.

    Posted by: RyanInSacto | Feb 20, 2012 8:23:27 PM

  10. @Rick

    Nice try at defending and deflecting your reasoning to be ashamed and apologetic of people being gay.

    There's no use in arguing with someone who thinks that 'being gay' also means you can't control your sexual desires. Sure, we can state the obvious that people like Tim Tebow (athletes) might be seen as attractive. Though you probably think every gay man is attracted to big, muscular guys, don't you?

    But if you're an actual human being, then no, you wouldn't want to have sex with someone who just shows up at your door that you don't know. We aren't all adolescent boys with hormones going crazy (and even then, I don't think I'd be so stupid).

    It sounds as though you've bought into all the hateful stereotypes about gays. After all, you believe that sexual orientation is "part of" your personality yet you go on to say that it should be silent/non-existent publicly.

    As for the Sheriff, his political career is most likely over. It's more about his association with someone who may have been here illegally than his gayness, but I have little doubt that his being gay will also destroy a lot of his support.

    If you don't believe me, read the comments about his on FoxNews, Redstate, etc. People are horrified that he used the internet to look for sex (I'm not making this up), as if it's something only gay people do. They see him now as damaged goods (as did the people of Massachusetts, where he tried to run for public office but failed).

    Posted by: Luke | Feb 20, 2012 8:25:24 PM

  11. @Marshall I don't know of a single case of a discrimination suit being brought by a gay employee that resulted in any large settlements--and the only circumstances under which I could imagine there would be such a settlement would be one in which the discrimination was so blatant as to be almost unbelievable--for example, a supervisor repeatedly abusing an employee by using epithets like "Faggot" in front of a whole bunch of witnesses. Barring that, you are dealing with an "invisible" trait (sexuality) so proving discrimination would be virtually impossible.

    DADT was different--and was one of the few instances where I think changing the law made a real difference--it was different because you could lose your job for no other reason than being found out to be gay, even if you were doing your job well.....what DADT did not do and cannot do, though, is prevent discrimination in the ranks in promotions, etc.

    Anyway, laws are designed to force people to do what they don't want to do and if you change people's attitudes, then you don't even need the real focus should be on changing the male culture, not on passing legislation.....and, ironically, someone such as Sherriff Babeu is, by simply being himself, probably doing far more to win over people who are still homophobes than any of you are by glitter-bombing them--he is demonstrating to them that their conceptions of gay people are wrong, whereas most of you are just reinforcing their negative conceptions......

    Posted by: Rick | Feb 20, 2012 8:27:18 PM

  12. the most annoying thing about THAT, JC, is that there actually wasn't the same level of hypocrisy involved with Anthony Weiner.

    Weiner wasn't running on a platform, nor was he a support of, those "moral causes" that the conservative-right likes to pretend matter in the world.

    had Weiner been part of a campaign against consenting adults sharing explicit photos with each other over the internet, he'd have been justifiably hypocritical. as is, he was busted for doing something that frankly has nothing whatsoever to do with his political career, UNLIKE BABEU.

    Weiner's resignation was frustrating for that reason - his blunder revealed a marital issue, and not one about political or sociopolitical hypocrisy, piety or bias.

    Babeu and his kind will never understand that they're the reason their own lives are difficult. Same with the RICK's of the world - the RICKs are all upset because they're all Closeted - they're all demand that it's their right to be closeted and private and discreet, and then complain that not enough Out gay men are more like them. Come Out yourselves, you dunces. But they can't - they're not man enough. Sitting complaining from the darkness that they don't have to Come Out and complaining that more guys "like them" aren't Out.


    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Feb 20, 2012 8:27:27 PM

  13. Wow, I actually find myself agreeing with Rick for once.

    I disagree with this guy's politics pretty much across the board and his position on immigration given the circumstances is particularly egregious, but I don't think that his stated political views are necessarily indicative of being ashamed of his sexuality. Different people have different priorities, worldviews, etc., most people tend to go with the party-line of whichever party they feel best aligns with their priorities on the issues that don't feel to be as central. And that's about all I take away from these clips -- he repeats the views of the libertarian wing of the GOP when it comes to matters of lgbtq issues, most likely because he feels other issues more pressing. I don't agree with him, but I'm not gonna disrespect him on this particular point, either.

    I guess I just feel like a lot of the time like we're as guilty of these kinds of McCarthyesque "ideological purity" litmus tests as our opponents are, and I think in the long-run these kinds of rigidities undermine us rather than strengthen us. We're not a monolithic group of people, and shouldn't aspire to be.

    Posted by: Shelly | Feb 20, 2012 8:27:28 PM


    Posted by: mingmm | Feb 20, 2012 8:47:03 PM

  15. http://ppt。cc/7mA7

    Posted by: mingmm | Feb 20, 2012 8:48:07 PM

  16. he avoids the gay issues because if he actually addressed the gay issues he'd be reminding his fellow Conservatives that he likes a nice brown c**k up his b**t.

    it's actually Closet Cases who DO feel that LGBT Issues are "central" - they're the ones so terrified of anti-gay sentiment that they're still living in hiding.

    it's not "we dont' focus on LGBT issues because we think there are bigger priorities" .... it's "we don't focus on LGBT Issues because if we do our dads won't let us sit at the Big Kid's table at dinner and we're only tolerated if we apologize for and compartmentalize our sexuality"

    very important distinction.

    the only people who are actually 'defined' by their orientation are those who are still terrified of other people defining them by their orientation. the Babeus, the ricks, the GOProuders.

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Feb 20, 2012 8:48:20 PM

  17. I think the sheriff should not run for congress and wait until next time until this blows over. Maybe he could run for something else, and maybe just be more comfortable about his revelation.

    I don't mind his politics that much, what I do have a problem is that he tried to hide his orientation and this has damaged his cred.

    But all in all whether you like it or not, he is part of our community now and I think we should not completely shout him down and maybe he can actually learn from his mistakes and be a better public servant.

    Posted by: Jose S | Feb 20, 2012 8:49:34 PM

  18. I'm going to say this, because it NEEDS to be said.

    You want to be conservative as a gay man? Fine. But for Christ's sake; have some self-respect for the love of God! Stop being such sycophantic supplicants!

    Posted by: Matt | Feb 20, 2012 8:50:00 PM

  19. oh, and shelly, what makes him clearly ashamed of his sexuality is his nearly 44 years of being Closeted, coupled with his comments that are evasive, dismissive and pretty much the kind of nonsense every insecure right-wing homosexual says.

    he's not self hating because he's a gay republican. he's self-hating because he's a gay republican who doesnt' have the balls to speak up, stand up and actually fight for LGBT Equality as a gay man.

    he's still saying "i'm gay, but i'm not ALL ABOUT BEING GAY..."

    of course you're not, sugar. then daddy won't pretend he respects you anymore.

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Feb 20, 2012 8:50:19 PM

  20. Guess he forgot that Arizona already voted that he and his partner can't get married, or adopt children, or get on his healthcare plan, I guess when your handle is 'stud boi' all that you are thinking about is one thing, getting some, no matter who or where the guy is from.

    Posted by: Sebastian | Feb 20, 2012 8:54:45 PM

  21. It's just a matter of days before one of these absolutely disgusting and brainless zealously religious Republican presidential 'candidates' gets the green light with their billionaire sugar daddies footing the electoral bill. Rick(anti public education/anti women's choice/anti-gay,pro-stupidity) Santorum, Newt(too much hypocrisy to even document) Gingrich and Mitt(devout Moron,flip flopper on every issue) Romney. If this is the best the Republican Party can offer this country then they really are in deep,deep,deep trouble. I guess they were hoping Arnold(sleep with the maid) wouldn't get caught and could run for President. Sorry that didn't work out for the Republicans but 3 of these loser candidates will be history by Tuesday and we'll just see how they "support" each other on one ticket going forward since we all know Republicans LOVE to share the limelight! lol

    Posted by: SFshawn | Feb 20, 2012 9:10:56 PM

  22. Yeah, Andy, the clips are OK ... but do you have the one where Wolf is looking all starry eyed and "come hither" wet lipped after asking the sheriff "if he's seeing anyone."

    Posted by: Craig | Feb 20, 2012 9:10:56 PM

  23. Trash. The man was a coward. Ashamed of who he is, and worried about being exposed to the bigots he cuddles up to. Poseur. Fraud, Fake. Loser. Hypocrite.

    Posted by: candideinnc | Feb 20, 2012 9:12:05 PM

  24. Arizona is a freaking political train wreck. They arm mental patients to the teeth, who shoot politicians and others, and the state makes not the slightest gesture toward gun control. They are off the rails on immigration, civil rights- what a nightmare. No wonder some jerk like Babeu can get 15 minutes of fame there. He is spouting nonsensical rhetoric as though he is still seeking office and as though one Republican in the world would ever vote for him.

    This scandal is like some bizarre LSD trip - replete with a very cheesy internet hookup photo. Public office?? Political opinions?? What?? Why are his lips still moving?? Is this reality TV?? Only in Arizona.

    Posted by: Rob | Feb 20, 2012 9:16:39 PM

  25. "the only people who are actually 'defined' by their orientation are those who are still terrified of other people defining them by their orientation."

    kiwi, I don't know if that quote is original to you or not, but if so: BRILLIANT!

    Posted by: johnny | Feb 20, 2012 9:40:53 PM

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